Battlegrounds Mobile India has almost come back to the country in full, with the game's final release on iOS coming very soon. Across India, professional players and streamers have resumed playing the game... and in order to celebrate PUBG Mobile's relaunch, Krafton has announced an event called "The Launch Party"

Battlegrounds Mobile India: The Launch Party
Battlegrounds Mobile India: The Launch Party is going to be streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about the first official event since the launch of BGMI.

About Battlegrounds Mobile India: The Launch Party

The Launch Party is going to be a streamer/influencer-only tournament, featuring the most popular content creators of PUBG Mobile India. For a small-scale tournament, its prize pool is quite large: 6 Lakh INR will be divided between the winners.

18 invited streamers and their squads will face against each other over a period of 2 days (July 8 - 9). This is probably the first time these pro-players are brought up together to compete since PUBG Mobile's ban, therefore it would be interesting to see their form. It is possible that they might have played PUBG Mobile on other servers or even PUBG PC to keep their edge intact.

This tournament will be streamed on the social channels of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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List of invited content creators for BGMI The Launch Party

  1. Dynamo Gaming
  2. Mortal
  3. Jonathan
  4. Kronten
  5. Classified YT
  6. Ghatak
  7. Ronak
  8. Antaryami
  9. K18
  10. Alpha Clasher
  11. Gaming Guru
  12. Shreeman Legend
  13. Maxtern
  14. Clash Universe
  15. Bandookbaaz
  16. Snax
  17. Sangwan
  18. Godnixon

The biggest names in the PUBG Mobile scene are all invited, from famous streamers like Dynamo Gaming to pro players like Mortal and Jonathan. The most notable name that does not appear on this list is probably Scout.

About Battlegrounds Mobile India

PUBG Mobile's revival in India under another name has been well-received by fans, with over 40 million pre-registrations. This shows the impact and reaches of this title - Battlegrounds Mobile India has since then become the #1 game in the Google Play Store's Free category.

Battlegrounds Mobile
Battlegrounds Mobile India remains the biggest mobile title in the country.

Krafton has also promised a big investment for India's Esports scene, however, nothing has been revealed so far. It is likely that something would be announced during this tournament, such as an India-centric tournament with a huge prize pool.

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