PUBG Mobile has finally come back to India under the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Sanhok is a small 4x4 tropical map surrounded by rough terrain, forest, grass, mountain, waters. This means it is good for close-range combat and nonstop action.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 hot spots to drop in Sanhok.

1 - Ruins

Ruins is an area located in the west area of Sanhok. It attracts a lot of players because of the huge amount of high-tier items. Drop onto the roof to storm the temple from above, or sneak in through the ground-level tunnels.

The ruins in Sanhok
The ruins in Sanhok is filled with treasures.

The Ruins is a very hot spot if you are looking for action right from the start. Try to land early to grab the best weapons.

2 - Pai Nan

Pai Nan is on the west side of Sanhok island. It is a unique city divided by the river, with two halves connected by bridges. There are a lot of houses on both sides and you can acquire quite a few high tier items there. Though being one of the hot spots to drop in Sanhok, this place also pose lots of danger to players, so you had better watch out.

The Bridges of Pai Nan
The Bridges of Pai Nan are dangerous spots though.

Just be careful when crossing the bridge, as people might camp there waiting for your passing.

3 - Paradise Resort

The Paradise Resort is located in the north area of the map and also one of the hottest spots to drop in Sanhok. It is a huge compound with a lot of high-tier loot items, which in turn attract quite a few players. This compound has it all: cross-courtyard sightlines for snipers, mid-ranged corridors that are perfect for honing your SMG skills, and thrilling room-to-room breaches for shotgun specialists.

The Paradise resort
The Paradise resort has a lot of covers.

Besides the quality, Paradise Resort's loot drops are also plentiful. Landing here is a great choice in squad mode.

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4 - Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is literally in the center of Sanhok island. Similar to the military base on Erangel, it offers the best loot (both quality and quantity). However, you gotta fight to keep them - the danger level actually drags this location down instead of pushing it up on the list.

Sanhok Bootcamp
The Bootcamp is located in one of the most central locations on the map.

You can always just loot and then move away from the base, of course.

5 - Quarry

The Quarry is on the east side of Sanhok. The quantity of the loot there is superb but it is quite hard to clear due to the lack of cover. However, if you are willing to take the risk, you can definitely get enough items for your whole squad. It is best to use the stone blocks as cover, and move as fast as possible while in the open.

Sanhok Landmark Quarry
The Quarry in Sanhok

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