Scout is no longer a strange name among the PUBG Mobile community in India. He has been going through a lot of big PUBG Mobile tournaments inside and outside of India to prove his skills to whoever doubt him. Here is everything you need to know about him, Scout PUBG ID, real name, social media, achievements, and more.

Scout Pubg Id
ScoutOP is the star player of the Indian PUBG Mobile team Fnatic

Scout PUBG ID: 5144286984

As Scout stream PUBG Mobile on Youtube regularly, it is actually quite easy to spot Scout PUBG ID since he doesn't try to hide it. Scout PUBG ID is 5144286984. His current PUBG name is sc0utOP. You can check for yourself very easily by going to Add Friend in PUBG Mobile in type the ID number to search.

 Scout Pubg Id
Scout PUBG ID can easily be seen on his stream

ScoutOP Bio

ScoutOP's real name is Tanmay Singh. He is 23 years old, born in 1997 in Gujarat. ScoutOP actually dreamt to be a soccer player when he was a kid. He even reached the national level when playing for team Kolkata. But due to an injury of him, he has to give up that dream and decided to be a PUBG Mobile player instead. ScoutOP says that the ex-pro CS:GO player Shroud is his biggest inspiration to become a streamer and pro player.

Now, he is one of the best and most popular PUBG Mobile players in India. His parent was very supportive, which was also a huge reason why ScoutOP PUBG could be able to reach where he is today.

ScoutOP PUBG Esports Career

ScoutOP started out his PUBG Mobile esports career with team R4W. He later moved to play for Team IND, one of the oldest PUBG Mobile team in India. With Team IND, he went second in the PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split: India 2019. ScoutOP PUBG Mobile skill was among the best players in India at the time. He is famous for his aggressive playstyle and masterful shooting skills.

ScoutOP was the one who popularizes the claw controls in India. He used to use his thumb to control his recoil but then he switches to use gyroscope and started dominating.

"You don’t need to play PUBG Mobile for 16 hours to get better, instead play for two to three hours, take rest, eat healthily and go out"

After the PMCO Spring Split India 2019, MortaL took a break from the competitive scene so ScoutOP later joined SouL to fill in MortaL's position.

But right before the PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split: India 2019 he left team SouL along with SouL Owais and SouL Ronak to create team XSpark. This causes many fans of team SouL to feel outrageous for breaking their favorite team apart.

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scout pubg id number
ScoutOP along with Owais and Ronak left team Soul to create team XSpark

Team XSpark was later sponsored by Fnatic to play under their banner and ScoutOP has been playing for Fnatic until now. Fnatic was one of the first big international gaming organizations to invest in PUBG Mobile in India. ScoutOP's main roles in Fnatic are Scouter, flanker, and an assaulter.

Fnatic current roster:

  • ScoutOP
  • Owais
  • Ronak
  • Ash

However, since the performance of team Fnatic has been not so good lately, after the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia, only ScoutOP will remain in team Fnatic. OR mavi will move from Orange Rock to Fnatic. The rest of the line up is still unknown.

scoutop pubg id
Fnatic won the PUBG Mobile All Star 2019 and got the Rs 20 lakh money prize

Through his esports career, ScoutOP has achieved some significant victories in big PUBG Mobile tournaments. Here is the list of ScoutOP PUBG Mobile achievements:

  • PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split: India 2019: 2nd place.
  • PUBG MOBILE All-Stars 2019: 1st place.
  • Peacekeeper Elite Championship: 8th place.
  • PMPL - Spring Split 2020: SA Scrims Season 3 Week 1: 2nd place.
  • Peacekeeper Elite Championship: 8th place.

While ScoutOP is famous among the Indian PUBG Mobile community for his skill, he is also very well-known as a hot temper person who trash talk in the game a lot. ScoutOP has been involved in a lot of controversies with other players in the Indian PUBG Mobile scene because of his toxic behaviors.

ScoutOP social media

ScoutOP is quite active on his social media to keep fans up to date about his new plans and decisions. He has quite a big number of followers on his social media. His Instagram has more than 1.2 million followers.