PUBG Mobile is arguably the biggest mobile game as of now, with millions of players joining the battleground every day. It follows the same concept of the BR genre as the original PC version developed by Bluehole. With such a dynamic player base, PUBG Mobile is truly a game of diversity that caters to all of the cultural differences. The game developer, Tencent Games, has also done a great job of providing its audience a dynamic collection of control options. Today, we’ll go over the best 3 finger claw setup for PUBG Mobile that you should know about: what it is, what differences does it make, and how to use it. 

What Is The Best 3 Finger Claw Setup For PUBG Mobile

When a newbie makes their way to the battleground of PUBG Mobile, they start learning the game with the provided default setting. It relies on your two thumbs to do all the work - which eventually fails to meet the standards as the players gain more skill. That’s when you embark on the exploration of the 3-finger and 4-finger claw setups. Let’s go over their differences.

3 finger claw setup pubg mobile 2 thumb
Players will soon notice the default 2-thumb setup isn't very effective

3-Finger Claw

The 3-finger claw setup involves, you guessed it, 3 fingers: normally two thumbs and one index finger from either of your hands. With the default “rookie” setup, you only use the two thumbs for every task - shoot, aim, move,... But as you advance further and meet more respectable opponents, things start to change. You’ll need to move around a lot in combat if you don’t want to be a “sitting duck” that attracts bullets like a magnet. The best way to do just that is by using the 3-finger claw.

best 3 finger claw settings benefits
The 3-finger setup gives you so much more control

In-game tasks are now divided into three different fingers. Players commonly use the left hand’s index finger to shoot, left thumb to maneuver while the right hand’s thumb takes care of aiming, using scopes, and jumping. A pro tip for you here: jumping will immediately extract the scope, hence, giving snipers more flexibility mid-fight. This dynamic set-up is suitable for all phones, regardless of their sizes. More on the best 3 finger claw setting PUBG Mobile later. 

4-Finger Claw

The 4-finger claw setup is better for larger devices, say an iPad. It’s also the setting that most Indian professional players use. You can customize the setting to suit your preference, but there are a few tips that may speed up the process a bit. Use your left thumb to move around, and the right thumb to aim for maximum precision. The other two index fingers can perform remaining tasks based on your choices.

best 3 finger claw settings 4 finger pro
Most pro players use the 4-finger setup

Best 3 Finger Claw Setup For PUBG Mobile - The Optimal Solution

We don’t just randomly make a guide on the best 3 finger claw setting PUBG Mobile. While the 4-finger setup is used by most pro players, the 3-finger seems to fit well to the mass. The difference lays in the skill gap between pros and regular players, their reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. Here’s why you should you the 3 finger claw setup PUBG:

  • If your phone has a week battery, and you play while charging (not really recommended), then you’ll have more space for plugging the dongle on the right side with 3 finger claw setup PUBG
  • Flexibility is of course another advantage. You can perform more actions than with the default 2 thumb setup, but not as difficult to handle as the 4-finger
  • Great for sniping. 3 finger claw setup PUBG Mobile gives you more space on the screen, and the ability to jump and quickly retrieve scope. This also comes in handy in close-range combat
3 finger claw sensitivity settings optimal
The 3-finger setting is optimal for players of all skill levels

How To Get The Best 3 Finger Claw Setup For PUBG Mobile

There’s nothing fixed when it comes to acquiring the best 3 finger claw setup for PUBG Mobile since it’s pretty much personal preference. However, getting some basic settings right will definitely go a long way:

  • Place your index finger on the top left to take care of the shooting
  • Use the “peak and open scope” option
  • Increase transparency as much as possible, especially the fire button
  • You can remove the fire button on the right if it isn’t necessary
  • Make the jump icon bigger

Check out our example of the best 3 finger claw setup for PUBG Mobile

best 3 finger claw setup for pubg mobile example
Here's a recommended setting

As we stated before, nothing is fixed. Feel free to adapt, change, and customize the settings to match your playstyle. It’s normal for players to spend several days on ends to familiarize themselves with the claw setup. But once you’re comfortable, you’ll never go back to the default. 

3 Finger Claw Sensitivity Settings

While setting up your own controls, do not skip on the sensitivity and transparency of the buttons. It can make a great impact on your gameplay by helping you aim better. Here are our recommended values:

Camera Sensitivity

  • Third Person Perspective no scope: 120%
  • First Person Perspective no scope: 100-104%
  • Red Dot, Holographic sight: 56%
  • Scope: 2X - 105-110%; 3X - 25-30%; 4X - 20%; 6X - 14%; 8X - 12%
best 3 finger claw setup for pubg mobile camera sensitivity
Check out the camera sensitivity setting

Gyroscope Sensitivity

  • Third Person Perspective no scope: 300%
  • First Person Perspective no scope: 300%
  • Red Dot, Holographic sight: 300%
  • Scope: 2X - 300%; 3X - 208%; 4X - 93%; 6X - 70%; 8X - 20%
best 3 finger claw setup for pubg mobile gyroscope
The setting for those prefer Gyroscope

Note: In Gyroscope, always set FPP, TPP, and Red Dot scale to the maximum of 300%. The maxed-out sensitivity will help you move the pointer much faster, as explained by

That’s everything there is on our guide to the best 3 finger claw setup for PUBG Mobile. It’s hard to say in the certainty of which is actually the ultimate setup since everybody has their own styles of gaming. A setting that works for you may not for others. So, follow the basics we mentioned above, and incorporate the element of your personal preference to create an optimal solution for you! For more guides and news into the world of gaming, visit our website at