There's a new update pending for PUBG Mobile, and it's coming in hot! The 1.5 update brews something very exciting for the mobile Battle Royale sensation. In this new patch, Tencent plans to release gameplay elements and weapons, as well as a brand-new collaboration! Shape the future in the PUBG Mobile X Tesla Collaboration event.

Pubgm Tesla
The new collaboration is coming.

Let's see what the electric automotive giant Tesla brings to the table.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 to introduce Tesla Collaboration

The 1.5 update of PUBG Mobile will take on the name of Ignition. Since the first images of the patch leaked out, the community has been going off about the possible collaboration. And now the game developers have officially announced it. This is a crossover between two giants: PUBG Mobile X Tesla Collaboration.

Tesla Pubg collaboration
It's time we evolved into the future.

The collab will introduce the Tesla Gigafactory onto the map of the Battle Royale game. Players will be able to assemble the car whenever they visit the factory on the map. The vehicle will autonomously take the players to pre-set markers on the map.

There, players can activate the assembly lines to make a Tesla Model Y. So far, that's all we've learned about the PUBG Mobile X Tesla Collaboration. But from the pictures and the leaks, the prospects seem great! Can't wait to see what the game has in store in PUBG Mobile 1.5.

About Tesla

If you haven't heard, Tesla is the currently biggest electric automobile manufacturer in the world. The company is run by none other than the millionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, top 5 richest people in the world Some refer to Tesla as the company that shapes the future of transportation with its creations.

Pubgm Tesla Collab
Here's what the new collaboration is brewing.

Tesla has a great lineup of top-tier electric cars like the Model S, the Model X, and the Model 3. It will be interesting to see how PUBG Mobile would be able to incorporate those into the game! Speculations say Tencent is even introducing Tesla-inspired skin, inventories, or some futuristic characteristics to the new update.

Will PUBG Mobile X Tesla Collaboration come to BGMI?

For Battlegrounds Mobile India, the chance of PUBG Mobile 1.5: Ignition update coming is there. Being an independent version of the game may hurt, though. Perhaps the update may come a little later than on the Global version. Whatever the case, we're certain that the 1.5 update will hit BGMI. It's would not be a smart move for KRAFTON to leave out such a big community.

Mission Ignition
The 1.5 update will certainly come to BGMI.

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