PUBG Patch 12.2 is the latest update with lots of mind-blowing features, such as a new map, two new weapons, and more. Let's explore this update here.

#1. New Map Taego & Comeback BR System

In previous articles, we have discussed the new map in PUBG 12.2. It's an 8x8 urban Eastern-themed map. It's one of the two largest maps in PUBG up to now. This new map arrives with the Comeback BR system. This system allowed killed players in the first phase of the match to respawn in a separate area in the second phase.

New Map Taego
The new map Taego is an 8x8 urban Eastern-themed map.

The survivors from this phase can come back to the main battle. The Comeback BR system is only available in the squad mode in TAEGO. When you get the chance to rejoin the battle royale match, take the chance to get Chicken Dinner. Previously, it's rumored to be the Respawn Royale Mode.

Comeback Br Mode
This new map arrives with the Comeback BR system.

#2. Self-Revive Kit

It's another exclusive feature on TAEGO in PUBG Patch 12.2. You can collect Self-Revive Kit across the map. When players get knocked, they can use this kit to revive themselves. It's very useful when you are far away from your teammates.

Therefore, you should keep at least one kit in your backpack. Then, use it to pick yourself back. If one member of the squad has this item in his backpack, the whole squad will remain knocked instead of eliminated.

Self Revive Kit
Always loot and store Self-revive kits in your backpack.

#3. New Weapons

There are two new exclusive weapons in TAEGO: an AR and a DMR.

  • The K2 is a 5.56 AR. It supports all magazines and muzzles for ARs. Moreover, you can attach up to 6x scope. Besides, it has three firing modes: single, burst, and full-auto, making it a versatile and useful weapon.
Pubg Taego Update K2
Daewoo K2 is a new exclusive assault rifle in Taego.
  • The MK12 is a new 5.56 DMR in PUBG. You can attach both AR and DMR attachments to this gun. You can use stock to make this gun stable. Besides, this DMR supports up to 8x scope.
Pubg Taego Update Mk12
MK12 is a new 5.56 DMR in PUBG.

#4. New Vehicle

On such a large map, the vehicle is a crucial element to survive. This new map also comes with a new vehicle along with old vehicles in this game. Pony Coupe is a new car that only appears on this map. It's inspired by a Hyundai concept car in 1974. The maximum speed of Pony Coupe reaches up to 150km/h. Although it has 4 seats, the two back seats are pretty narrow. Therefore, your teammates sitting back cannot shoot or peek out.

Pony Coupe
Pony Coupe is a new car that only appears on this map.

#5. Survival Pass: Taego & Crates

This new Survival Pass in PUBG Patch 12.2 includes many unlockable rewards from level 1 to 50. From level 55 to 100, players need to buy Premium Pass to unlock more precious rewards. In addition, this new update also introduces many new crates with plenty of fancy skins, such as Contraband Crate with various Elite and Epic skins.

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