K2 is a new assault rifle in PUBG 2021. It's the exclusive weapon for the new map Taego which is designed base on South Korea - also the country of K2. Let's check out this PUBG brand new weapon here.

Origin & Statistics of K2

The full name of PUBG new weapn K2 is Daewoo K2. It was invented in 1985 in South Korea to replace K1 and M16A1. It uses 5.56mm ammo or green ammo in PUBG. The base damage of this new gun is 41 like some other 5.56 assault rifles in this game. You can only get it on the new map Taego.

Pubg Taego
The new map Taego is designed based on South Korea.

Therefore, you need 2-3 bullets to take down an enemy wearing a level-2 or level-3 helmet with headshots. If you shoot at the enemy's chest or other body parts, you will need 4-10 bullets within a 50-meter range. It supports three firing modes: single, burst, and auto.

Pubg Taego Update
Daewoo K2 is the exclusive weapon for this new map.

The initial bullet velocity of Daewoo K2 in PUBG is 880m/s. Therefore, the rate of bullet drop is pretty similar to SCAR-L. It's pretty better than M416 which got a nerf in recent updates.

K2 Pubg
This new gun uses 5.56mm ammo.

Moreover, this new gun of PUBG has a high firing rate of 700rpm. Thus, K2 can shoot 11 bullets per second. Therefore, the DPS of this weapon is 478HP/S. It means that you can take an enemy down in only 0.17 seconds.

Pubg Taego K2
This is considered as the lite version of SCAR-L.

Best Attachments For K2

K2 only supports a few attachments. Firstly, you can attach a muzzle, such as a compensator, suppressor, or flash hider.

3 Firing Modes
You should use a compensator to make this gun stable.

Based on the strategy and purpose, you choose the proper muzzle, but compensator and flash hider are two better choices for this gun to make it more stable. The sound of this gun is not as loud as other ARs, you don't need to use the suppressor.

Its Highly Anticipated In This Update
It's highly anticipated in this update.

You shouldn't use the canted sight because it will affect the iron sight of this K2 gun. Besides, attack an extended mag or quick-draw extended mag to increase the ammo capacity from 30 to 40 bullets per load. The PUBG new weapon K2 does not support foregrip, so its recoil will a bit higher than SCAR-L.

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