The owner of PUBG will take advantage of this profitable game. It seems that they want to expand their universe with an upcoming survival horror game titled The Callisto Protocol. Let's take a first look at this upcoming blockbuster.

Will The Callisto Protocol A Big Hit Next Year?

The Callisto Protocol is scheduled to be on air next year. A lot of gamers expect that it will be the best horror game on the next-generation platform of PUBG by taking full advantage of this next-gen hardware.

The Callisto Protocol
The owner of PUBG is making a horror game: The Callisto Protocol

The background of this horror game is the Black Iron jail on Callisto - one of the biggest moons of Jupiter. Many gamers expect that this new battlefield will bring them extreme isolation feelings. Then, you will be really scared when being alone on that moon.

The Callisto Project Playerunknowns Battleground
Unlike PUBG, it based on another planet

To make the game more creepy, it won't support the co-op feature. Unlike in PUBG, you have to fight for survival on your own. This new horror game is under development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X platforms.

It Is A New Game In Pubg Universe
It Is A New Game In PUBG Universe

In waiting for this upcoming game in 2002, it seems that KRAFTON will develop a new game like PUBG Mobile on mobile platforms. It was leaked on the document of CEO Krafton - Kim Chang Han who is taking responsibility for the development of The Callisto Protocol.

Horror Game Like Pubg
You need to fight against monsters and survive alone

Moreover, this game company is planning to issue shares that will be worth 1.9 lakh crore INR at the end of this year. To expand the PUBG Universe and make more money from this game, this game company also sold the copyright of this game. It seemed that they earned a great sum of the royalties from this business.