PUBG Mobile players often discuss and rumor some "tricks" in this game. Let's bust some myths in this game.

Top New Myths In PUBG Mobile

  • Myth: You can break the door with a pan. In fact, it doesn't happen in this game. You cannot break any door with a pan when you hold the pan to hit it or throw the pan to break it. Doors can't be broken by melee throw no matter how many times you try.
Pan Break Door Myth
You cannot break the door with a pan.
  • Myth: A player will die right after being knocked 31 times. In fact, you will die immediately after being knocked for 21 times.
  • Myth: You can throw a pan into a car. Actually, it does not work. If you throw a pan through the window of a car, it always drops outside the car.
Pan Myth
The pan won't be inside the car when you throw it into the car.
  • Myth: Players cannot throw a pan over 80 meters. It's true because you can throw a pan for about 60 meters.
  • Myth: Aim Assist favors the knocked players. It's busted because the Aim Assist feature favors standing players. If the target is crouching or lying, it doesn't work as well as expected.
Aim Assist Myth
The Aim Assist Does Not Favor Knocked Players
  • Myth: You will lose your HP faster if you crawl after being knocked. In fact, the HP loss depends on the times you have knocked. It doesn't matter whether you crawl or not, HP loses at the same speed. Therefore, you shouldn't sit still after being knocked but crawl to a safe corner so that your teammate can revive you without risk.
Knock Myth
HP loss doesn't increase when you crawl.
  • Myth: Aim Assist doesn't work in smoke. This myth is confirmed, so the smoke helps you cover and prevent the Aim Assist from working to cause damage to you. Therefore, you should always use smokes when rushing and looting airdrop or crates.
Aim Assist On Smoke
Aim Assist doesn't work in smoke.
  • Myth: Only the canted sight in M249 is on the left side and it's on the right side of other weapons. In fact, the canted sight is on the left sight of many other weapons, including M24.