PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition is a new game mode in PUBG Mobile 1.5. It has new gameplay and many new vehicles. Check out all new vehicles in PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition.

#1. Hyperline Train

You can easily find the location of Hyperline trains on the map. The Hyperlines and the train stations will be marked on the minimap. Besides, the train stations are placed on both sides of the main road. Therefore, you can change the direction of the trip easily. The green train line is from Zharki to Novorepnoye. The red train line is from Kameshki to Primorsk.

Hyperlines and auto-trains.

Players can see the time for the next train at nearby stations on the minimap. It makes sure that you can get to the station on time. Or else, you can also go to the station early and camp for enemies. The window of the train is made of bulletproof glass, so you will be safe when moving on this train.

Hyperlines On Minimap
There are two lines of high-tech trains marked on the minimap.

#2. New Tesla Car

Gigafactory is a new place on Erangel in PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition. This factory lets players produce their own cars. However, it's also the most crowded place on this map. A lot of players get there to make their own car to traverse the map. The new Tesla sports car has four seats for the whole team. The free skin of this car is ocean blue. It also offers an Autopilot mode.

Teslas Gigafactory On The Pubg
You can produce your own car at Gigafactory.

#3. Loot Truck

This is a new feature in this ranked Evoground mode. This truck brings about 6 supply crates. Players need to shoot at the truck until the loot boxes drop. Then, you can loot the supplies inside. To loot all supplies in the truck, you can shoot until the truck is broken and stop. Next, shoot until all loot boxes drop.

#4. Anti-gravity Bike

There are some anti-gravity bikes scattered around the map. You can find anti-gravity bikes on the road near such as Georgopol, Ruins, outside Transit Center, etc. This high-tech bike is more useful than normal bikes because you can drive it to cross the river.

Anti Gravity Bike
Anti-Gravity Bike

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