After quite a long time of anticipation, Battlegrounds Mobile India, or BGMI, has finally arrived. It was 10 months since PUBG Mobile was banned in India when it came back under a new name. Considering how the heat has never lowed down, players are more than eager to start a new journey with the game. Apart from playing and becoming a top gamer, many even aspire to set up their own Youtube account and hope to arise as a popular BGMI content creator.

In order to do this, one of the first steps is to choose a potential name for their channel. Therefore, if you are going to begin a new gaming channel, especially focusing on Battlegrounds Mobile India game, here’s a list of BGMI Youtube channel names ideas, and tips for the best ones possible.

Find out the best ideas for your BGMI Youtube channel names!

BGMI Youtube channel names idea

A Youtube gaming name will explain your gaming interest and in some cases, will blow your brand and personality up. Be it being a pro gamer or an entertainer for the viewers, you will want to look at these BGMI Youtube channel names as an idea for your final decision.

The rules for these Battlegrounds names ideas are simple: they are short (no more than two words) and can be related to gaming in general.

  1. Agent47
  2. AK47
  3. BGMIstriker
  4. GangsterBGMI
  5. Quarrelsome Gaming
  6. ProHeadshot
  7. Headshooter
  8. BGMI Genius
  9. BGMI Crusade
  10. Abnormal Token
  11. Optimal Bullet
  12. Inimical Ace
  13. Fear Havoc
  14. Faulty Devils
  15. Fanatical Tyranny
  16. Odd Hooligans
  17. Organic Punks
  18. Battlegrounds Slayer
  19. Lone Ranger
  20. Dark Bomber
  21. Thunderbeast
  22. Sniper Turbo
  23. Strick Gaming
  24. Edge BGMIan
  25. Predator Gaming
  26. Venom Gaming
  27. Infinite Siege
  28. BeastGMI
  29. Bueno Rage
  30. Groza League
  31. AKPirate
  32. Infinity Raid
  33. BGMI League
  34. Beyond Gaming
  35. Elite Thief
  36. Hunter Girl
  37. Marvel Raven
  38. Void Game
  39. Enigma Gaming
  41. Outlaw Shooter
  42. Battle Titan
  43. Raider Gaming
  44. Gameque
  45. Bgmiya
  46. Crimson Battlegrounds
  47. Warlock Game
  48. Atlas BGMI
  49. Dynasty Gamex
  50. Bgmilance
  51. Nextgen Soldier
  52. Indian Captain
  53. Battlegrounds Master
  54. Battlegrounds Channel
  55. PUBGIndian Hub
Bmgi Youtube Names
Take hints from our recommendations and get the best one for yourself.

As to what we can infer, many names of the above do not have to mention BGMI as a Youtube content creator can diversify their content with more game titles rather than only one. Moreover, different from usual BGMI clan names, these Youtube titles do not require special icons or such.

As a matter of fact, you can take this clue from the most famous BGMI streamers on the platform: MortaL, Dynamo, Sc0ut, GodNixon, Regaltos. Their names are not long which makes it easier for viewers to remember.

How to use BGMI YT channel names generator

In case the given ideas do not include a name you like, you can totally make use of other methods. Apart from coming up with one yourself, you may want some help from online tools.

And thanks to the Internet and the devs, of course, BGMI Youtube channel name generators will be your savior.

Bgmi Name Generator

Follow this instruction to create a special and professional BGMI name for your upcoming Youtube account:

  1. Visit this Youtube channel name generator and you will be redirected to the official web page.
  2. Insert a keyword for your channel name in the given blank box, and click “Generate” to start the process.
  3. To each individual’s preference, apply filters such as industries and the word number.
  4. Scroll to pick the name you want and repeat the whole process until satisfied.

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Tips to create unique BGMI Youtube channel

Choosing a name is just one of the essential steps to take if you want your channel to be widely recognized. From BGMI Youtube description to BGMI Youtube hashtags, take note of these small but efficient tips:

BGMI Youtube description

The description can also speak volumes about how serious and professional you are with your account. You can make it short or long, depends on what you like.

Mortal Description
MortaL's description as an example

However, as a newcomer in this aspect, you should include these specs in the description:

  1. Specific keywords that regard the field you focus on: gaming, BGMI…
  2. What viewers can expect.
  3. An appealing and original summary of your channel or video.
  4. Timestamps (if the video is long or has different parts that need highlighting)
  5. Other platforms like Instagram, Game ID, Facebook…

Note: Also, write like a human because who wants to read from a bot, right?

BGMI Youtube hashtags

Future Youtube influencers may also want to remember that hashtags will help their BGMI Youtube channel names idea stand out.

Bgmi Youtube Name
Pay attention to other aspects to make your channel name outstanding.

Take note of these small tips:

  1. Do not go overboard with Tags: Stuffing loads of tags into a video is a common mistake and it does harm instead of good to your performance. As tags are created to help Youtube fathom your content, don’t throw in over 20 tags as it will confuse not just viewers but also Youtube itself.
  2. Use tags that are 2 to 3 words long
  3. Use tools to generate related tags: You may also utilize free tools to help you come up with tags to use on the videos. TagsYoutube is one of those you can check out. Just put in the primary keyword in and the tool will give you multiple tag suggestions.

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