The Global version of PUBG Mobile has already received the 1.5 update a few days back. And finally, it's time for Battlegrounds Mobile India to get its own! This will be the first-ever big update for the India-exclusive version. Let's check out when we should expect to update the game.

BGMI 1.5 Update: Release Date and Time

The game publisher KRAFTON has officially announced the exact release date and time for the highly anticipated update. According to the game's official website, the latest BGMI 1.5 Update will roll out on July 13th, at 19:30 (IST).

Bgmi 1 5 Tesla
The 1.5 patch is coming later today.

But please note that this is only an estimated time. The update distribution process may end earlier or later, depending on the situation. Here are a few more things to know about BGMI 1.5 update:

  • There may be differences in the completion time of the process. The time can vary from device to device, as client distribution proceeds sequentially.
  • Please use a stable WiFi connection to update the game.
  • Check the BGMI website or official social media channels for notification if the distribution is delayed.
  • The BGMI 1.5 update will be a major update with a huge download size. Therefore, clear out any unwanted files to make up space for it.

BGMI 1.5 Update Patch Notes

The 1.5 update will be gigantic for Battlegrounds Mobile India players. It brings tons of changes to the gameplay as well as the overall look of the battlefields. We're also getting a brand new weapon. Check out the list of changes and additions for the BGMI 1.5 update:

Bgmi 1 5 Royale Pass
It's time to evolve into the future.
  • #1 New Weapon MG3: The new light machine gun (LMG) MG3 offers two shooting modes: 660rmp and 990rmp.
  • #2 New Matrix Arena Mode: Experience a new game mode called Matrix Arena on Erangel map.
Teslas Gigafactory On The Pubg
The new update also introduces the latest collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Tesla.
  • #3 New Motorcycle: Cruise around the map with the anti-gravity motorcycle.
  • #4 New Machine - Air Conveyor: It lunges you up into the air. You can then aim to travel towards different places without taking fall damage.
  • #5 Updated Gameplay: Low-HP or reload warning. Players can now throw consumables, such as energy drinks, bandages, and painkillers. A new auto-jump button. Improved graphics quality and texture.
Bgmi 1 5 Elite Pass
The Royale Pass Season 19 has concluded. You cannot do its missions anymore.

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