Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is now officially open for all players to download. The game will completely replace PUBG Mobile in India to become the country's very own dedicated version. BGMI currently supports Android devices only. Its iOS counterpart is coming later this summer with the full launch. In the meantime, iOS users can always resort to their laptops or PCs to play the game. Here's how to play Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC!

How to Play Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC?

As you may already know, BGMI is not a PC-native game. That means your personal computers or laptops cannot run the game on their own. To do so, they will need the help of something called an "emulator". So, what does the emulator do?

Battlegrounds Mobile India Zombies
You have to use an emulator to play BGMI on PCs.

Basically speaking, an emulator is a desktop app that stimulates an Android OS on your PC. The app behaves exactly like an Android phone, giving you access to all the services. You can visit Google Play Store to purchase items or download and install games as you wish. Of course, BGMI is also on the list of apps you can download.

But do you really need an emulator to play Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC? Well, unfortunately, the answer is yes. And it's the only way as of now. Yet, you may also notice that playing BGMI on PC is easier. There isn't much space to move about on the tiny phone screens. PCs, on the other hand, give you more control and room to work with.

Battleground Mobile India Sanhok
Tencent Gaming Buddy (GameLoop) will guarantee a smooth gaming experience for Battlegrounds Mobile India players.

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Tencent Gaming Buddy - Best Emulator for Low-end PCs

There are indeed tons of available emulators for you to choose from. But in your opinion, Tencent Gaming Buddy is still one of the most capable options for gamers. Millions of players around the world trust this app and pick it over other popular ones like Bluestack or LD Player. So, why is that?

Gameloop Pubg Mobile Tencent
GameLoop is the emulator that can run on every system spec!

About Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy, now renamed to GameLoop, is an ultra-light Android emulator for Mac and Windows systems. The app allows users to play mobile games on PC with the best quality. Tencent Gaming Buddy was developed and published by the tech giant Tencent - the company behind PUBG Mobile’s success. After a successful beta period, it's back under the name of GameLoop. 

Rename Gameloop
Tencent Gaming Buddy is now GameLoop.

Tencent Gaming Buddy System Requirements

This is such a powerful app to pick up for lower-end PCs. The requirements of Tencent Gaming Buddy for system capacity are low. Yet, the results and performance it brings rival that of all other emulators. 

Minimum Requirements:

  • CPU: Dual-core Intel/AMD processor 1.8 GHz.
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8600/9600GT or AMD Radeon HD2600/3600.
  • OS: Windows 7 
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Memory: 3GB of RAM
  • Storage: 1GB 
Gameloop Games
You will have access to a large library of games as soon as you download the emulator.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Features

  • Compatible with Low-End Computers: Other emulators operate on the majority of your PC’s resources. They cause lags and random crashes all the time. But with Tencent Gaming Buddy, it will run smoothly no matter what.
  • Fast Installation: Done with just a few clicks.
  • Built-in Mobile Game Inventory: This emulator comes with its own collection of popular mobile games. You can access and download them without using APK.
  • Optimized Interface and Graphics: Tencent Gaming Buddy provides all the features you need to ensure a smooth BGMI experience. 

How to Download and Install BGMI on Tencent Gaming Buddy?

Tencent Gaming Buddy is way too good of an emulator to not install on your system. Here's how to play Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC with Tencent Gaming Buddy:

Battlegrounds Mobile India Coming Soon
BGMI is coming in hot with a full launch, for both Android and iOS.
  • Visit to download GameLoop (aka Tencent Gaming Buddy).
  • Wait for its download to complete, then follow the guide to install the app.
  • Launch GameLoop emulator on your PC.
  • Visit the Game Center, then use the search bar to find the BGMI.
  • Hit "Download". GameLoop will automatically download the required files. If you cannot find the game, use the APK file instead.
  • Open and enjoy BGMI on your desktop.
Battlegrounds Mobile India Register 2
Happy gaming to you!

That's all you need to know about how to play Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC using Tencent Gaming Buddy, or GameLoop. This emulator is designed by Tencent for gamers, so you can certain of its quality and performance. For more information, tips, and tricks on BGMI, visit our website at

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