Battlegrounds Mobile India feels familiar, yet strange at the same time. Veteran PUBG Mobile players can get on with the controls and gameplay immediately. However, there are still features that remind them that this is another version of the game. But whatever the change, its core mechanics stay. You can see this clearly in when do crates reset Battlegrounds Mobile India.

What Happens When Crates Reset in BGMI?

About BGMI Crates

Just like other Battle Royale games, Battlegrounds Mobile India has a microtransaction economy system. Players spend free or paid in-game currency to purchase all kinds of items or Battle Passes. Cosmetics are the most popular. They include clothing, weapon skins, vehicle skins, and emotes.

Bgmi Crates Skins
Open crates to win one of the exciting rewards.

Luckily, there's a way you can obtain cosmetic items for free in Battlegrounds Mobile India. It's opening crates! There are currently 6 types of crates in BGMI:

  • Custom Crates (Players can eliminate 7 unwanted items from the prize pool)
  • Special Event Creates (Limited time only)
  • Classic Crates
  • Battlegrounds Lucky Crates
  • Supply Crates
  • Soldier's Crates
Pubg Mobile Silver Coins Crates
It's still just a gacha-based game!

The four bottom types of crates can be opened for free using coupons. The first two are premium crates that must be purchased with UC (the paid currency). So, what happens when the crates reset in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Crate Reset Effects in BGMI

In certain cases, the number of crates you open in a certain period of time may have 2 impacts on the next ones you purchase. Firstly, it increases the price. The price tag for each crate goes up as you open more and more until it reaches the cap.

Bgmi 5m Downloads Rewards
Numerous rewards await you to claim for free in BGMI.

But the increased price also has to come with something to justify it, right? Apparently, the more crates you purchase, the higher the chance of winning the ultimate prizes from the pool. However, some global PUBG Mobile players claim this is a myth. They spend a lot of money on opening crates but nothing special comes around.

After all, it's all a game of luck. This gacha system is designed to encourage you to reach down your pockets.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Register 2
Have you logged in and claimed your pre-registration rewards?

Anyhoo, once the crates hit their reset timer, well, everything will reset. The price will return to the original, as well as the chance. Everything comes back to the beginning. And you will have to start from scratch all over again.

Crate Opening Tricks in BGMI

Though it's not scientifically proven by any player, apparently, opening crates between 3 - 6 AM will increase your chance of winning something big. As far as we concern, this is a total myth. There's no evidence to support such a claim. Yet, desperate time calls for desperate measures.

Bgmi Poster
We don't see why you shouldn't give this trick a try.

Opening crates is already a game of chance, so we guess doing it at which time doesn't really matter. Who knows? Maybe the chance of winning is higher when few players log on to the server.

When Do Crates Reset Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India still follows the global reset timer for crates. That means the server resets at the same time as global servers. So, we can safely say that Battlegrounds Mobile India crates reset every Tuesday at 5 PM PDT (00:00 UTC). For India is 5:30 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (​UTC), the correct reset time for BGMI crates will be 10:30 PM every Tuesday.

PUBG crates also reset at the same time. So, if you plan to do any crate opening, we suggest doing so before the reset time comes in. You don't want to lose all of your accumulated chance.

Daily Reset Time For Battlegrounds Mobile India

Certain features (daily missions or event missions), as well as exclusive crates, have a daily reset timer. They renew every single day, no matter you have completed them or not. As our source claims, the daily reset timer for daily missions and crates is at 0:00 local time. Since BGMI is a standalone version of PUBG Mobile, it does not tie the daily reset with the global version.

Be mindful of this reset timer! The 1.5 update is bringing the Tesla collaboration to BGMI. And trust us, you wouldn't want to miss it for the world.

Bgmi Skin Rewards
Complete the server's launch missions to win exclusive rewards!

That's all you need to know about when do crates reset Battlegrounds Mobile India. We hope you find the information in our article helpful. For more guides and tips on BGMI, visit our website at

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