Players have had early access and been exploring the new game features even since Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) rolled out on June 17, 2021. Although BGMI is the PUBG Mobile version that is specially made for Indians, there are multiple disparities between the two titles.

One of the most notable changes in the visual aspect is the blood color. When shooting, the foe will poof up into green feather wisps. However, you can play around with specific settings and alter these effects.

Here’s our clarification of how to get green blood in Battlegrounds Mobile India as well as how to change the blood colour in the game to blue, orange or pink for those who are curious.

Bgmi Changes
How can players get green blood in BGMI?

About blood colors in BGMI

Since the PUBG Mobile ban last year, the devs have made changes to the game after the regulations of the Indian Government. Due to this, players will not see a thing related to blood in BGMI.

Krafton says this is done to make sure that the game doesn’t promote violence. In Battlegrounds Mobile India, the color of blood will be green instead of red as that in PUBG.

This is among the cosmetic changes that PUBG Mobile India rebranded and brought into the new and customed version. Moreover, apart from green, the maker also gives players the option to change the blood color to blue, pink, and orange.

It is said that this option was also added for color-blind players who may have some obstacle spotting the green hits filled with green leaves.

Bgmi Green Blood
BGMI green effect

Now let’s get to the main part which is how to get green blood in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

How to change blood colour in Battlegrounds Mobile India

The entire process of changing color is relatively easy and will take up only a minute or even less. To do this, you only have to launch your game and follow these given steps:

1. Open Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), then log in to your account.

2. Select the arrow on the bottom right corner next to the Inventory.

Arrow Next To Inventory
Choose the arrow on the bottom right, next to Inventory.

3. Choose the Settings option, which you will see inside of the sidebar on the right.

Choose Settings
Hit Settings

4. Open the “Graphics” tab.

Choose Graphics

5. Navigate to the bottom to seek the Colorblind Mode option.

Colorblind Mode
Each mode will provide a different blood color.

6. Set the option to Normal and the blood will appear green since then. BGMI blood colors are set following the respective modes:

  • Green blood: Normal mode
  • Orange blood: Tritanopia mode
  • Blue blood: Protanopia mode
  • Pink blood: Deuteranopia mode

And that’s all for how to get green blood in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Every time players shoot someone or take a hit in the game, it will be green-colored. What’s worth noting is when gamers change the blood color in BGMI, the colors of some other elements will also follow this setting. Those elements include the circle, wall paints, the danger zone, among others.

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Other major changes of BGMI compared to PUBG Mobile

Apart from the blood color in BGMI, there are also other notable changes that will set the two games apart.

1. Finishes replace Kills

Ever since the modern video games advent, a certain mission of a shooter has been the act of bringing down and killing opponents. Probably, in an attempt to sensitize the audiences and sanitize the game in general, Battlegrounds Mobile India prefers the foe-downing act to be called Finishes instead of Kills as before.

Bgmi Vs Pubg
These major changes make BGMi different from PUBG Mobile.

2. Gameplay Management System

The single biggest change to the normal experience in PUBG Mobile is perhaps the multiple messages from the developers in a bid to promote “better health”.

During the game, gamers are going to receive lots of notices that remind them to maintain things ranging from correcting posture to reducing screen time. The messages and notices have now been categorized as part of the “Gameplay Management System” in BGMI.

3. Audio warning when a game starts

Gamers are quite accustomed to hearing the score for BGMI or PUBG Mobile when they are waiting for a game to begin. However, now there will be another auditory stimulus that holds their attention.

There's also a warning that players need to differentiate between reality and virtual video games.

At the start of every game, they get a notice concerning their sense of reality and also affirming that the video game they play is only a game.

“This game is a simulation in a virtual world and does not represent the real world. Please play in moderation and take frequent breaks.”

4. Server Change available from Settings

Players can do so by checking their Settings page and choosing from the available options. You can do this by checking the settings page and opting from the options that are available.

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