Before Battlegrounds Mobile India launches its Early Access, KRAFTON made a promise of a dynamic eSports scene for the title. The company kicks off that with the BGMI Launch Party. The tournament featured 18 top players and streamers in the country, who were competing for the ₹6,00,000 INR prize pool. As the Launch Party concludes, Team Snax came out on top to bring home ₹330,000 INR.

Bgmi Launch Party
BGMI Launch Party concluded with the championship goes to Team Snax.

Team Snax Won India Streamer Battle: The Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Party

The first-ever eSports event of Battlegrounds Mobile India concluded with a bang. The two-day inaugural Launch Party tournament saw Team Snax rose to the occasion and claimed the championship cup. The winning roster consists of Snax, Kratos, Daljit SK, and Attanki.

Team Snax puts on quite a show in Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Party. They managed to win 4 Chicken Dinners back to back until the 5th match. Team Jonathan came through and halted the winning streak.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Team Snax manages to win 4 consecutive Chicken Dinners.

In the end, Team Snax secured 120 points after 6 matches and 4 Chicken Dinners. Following them is team Kronten at second place with 63 points. Now that's quite a difference. Only 1 standing between the two teams but the points nearly double!

Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Party Overall Standings

Here are the final results of Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Party:

Launch Party Standings
Check out the overall standings.
  • 1st Place – Team Snax – 120 Points
  • 2nd Place – Team Kronten – 63 Points
  • 3rd Place –Team Ronak – 60 Points
  • 4th Place – Team Ghatak – 58 Points
  • 5th Place -Team Sangwan – 56 Points
  • 6th Place – Team GodNixon – 53 Points
  • 7th Place – Team Maxtern -49 Points
  • 8th Place -Team Guru – 42 Points
  • 9th Place -Team Antaryami – 41 Points
  • 10th Place –Team K18 – 38 Points
  • 11th Place – Team Jonathan – 37 Points
  • 12th Place – Team Alpha – 34 Points
  • 13th Place – Team Mortal – 31 Points
  • 14th Place –Team Clash Universe – 29 Points
  • 15th Place – Team Dynamo – 17 Points
  • 16th Place -Team Bandookbaaz – 9 Points
  • 17th Place –Team Classified YT – 8 Points
  • 18th Place –Team Shreeman – 7 Points

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