MG3 is the new LMG in PUBG Mobile and BGMI 1.5. It finally came to this game after a long time of waiting. Check out this guide on how to use the new LMG MG3 properly.

Stats of MG3 in PUBG Mobile and BGMI

This new LMG has a base damage of 40 and headshot damage of 92, but MG3 causes only 41.4 headshot damage to the players with a level-3 helmet. Although it uses 7.62mm ammo, it has the same damage as the old M249 which uses 5.56mm ammo.

Mg3 Has Two Firing Modes
MG3 has two firing modes: 660rpm and 990rmp.

However, it's still more powerful than the new M249. It's because MG3 has two firing modes: 660rpm and 990rpm. In both these firing modes, this gun has super-high rates of fire, making its damage per second (DPS) higher and time to kill shorter.

It Has Lower Recoils Than M249
It has lower recoils than M249.

The vertical recoil of MG3 (990rpm) is incredibly lower than M249 and DP28. Moreover, its horizontal recoil is also smaller than M249. It means that the bullet spread of this gun is also smaller than that of M249. With these better statistics, MG3 replaced M249 in the airdrop.

Best tips to use MG3 in PUBG Mobile

This new LMG in PUBG Mobile and BGMI is still good without attachments. Moreover, MG3 does not support any attachment except for scopes. It means that you can only attach a scope to aim while shooting with this gun. It supports from the red dot and the holographic sight to 6x scope.

Mg3 Attachments
MG3 has only one attachment slot for a scope.

But it has a pre-equipped bipod to make this gun stable when you lie and fire. Here are some tips to use MG3 with the lowest recoil and highest accuracy.

  • Stay behind a rock or tree and crouch to spray moving targets running towards you. Then, you can react quickly when the vehicles are about to crash you.
  • Prone to spray moving target in long-range combat. But you need to make sure that the grass is high enough to hide your body. The prone pose lets you spray with nearly zero recoils.
  • Use hip-fire in face-to-face and close combat or panic situations.
Spray At Enemies
Use hip-fire to spray
  • When countering a squad on a UAZ or Dacia running to your position, use the 990rpm mode to spray and burst the vehicle and kill the whole squad with an explosion.
  • Reload when the mag still has a few bullets left. It helps reduce the reload duration of this gun and lets you come back to the battle earlier. Besides, fall back to the cover when you need to reload bullets. You can use some fake smoke to confuse enemies and cover you when you are reloading ammo.

Locations of MG3 in PUBG Mobile

MG3 only spawn in the airdrop. You can loot this gun from natural airdrops or custom airdrops. However, not all airdrops give you this LMG. Keep in mind that you shoot the flare gun inside the white circle and in a vertical direction. Keep an eye on the clock below the minimap.

Loot Mg3 From Death Crate Or Airdrop
You can loot MG3 from airdrops or death crates of airdrop looters.

If there is only one second left before the next circle, come into the next circle and use the flare gun to get the loot crate for sure. Besides, you can kill the airdrop looters to rob MG3. But it can be harder because if a pro player has MG3 in his hand, you can be drilled into a death crate before you can touch that weapon.

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