To wipe out squads in such an intense shooting game like BGMI, you need some tips and tactics. Check out this guide on how to wipe out squads in BGMI with ease.

#1. Decide Your Playstyle

The first and foremost step to wipe out squads in BGMI is determining your playstyle. Players need to decide whether to snipe or push. The weapons and tactics of snipers and assaulters are not the same. The most recommended playstyle is mid-range engagement.

Engage From Midrange Combat
Mid-range engagement is the best choice to wipe the whole enemy squad safely.

In specific, you should keep a safe distance from enemies and push enemy squads so that they cannot surround you. It's also near enough to finish knocked players and not lets them revive teammates. Don't push too close or too far so that your throwables can reach enemies.

Make Sure Throwables Reach Enemies
Make sure you stay not too far so that the throwables reach enemies.

#2. Separate Enemies

Next, you should choose an ideal position to avoid being rushed and separate enemies. If you can't separate them, it's pretty difficult to wipe them out. If the enemy squad has good teamwork, this mission becomes more difficult.

Separate Enemies
Separate enemies to eliminate one by one.

The tip to kill that squad now is to change your positions instantly. Then, shoot them from multiple directions. It also helps you hide your position and confuse the enemy. When they start to lose their calm and separate their team to hunt you, it's time you wiped them out one by one.

Keep Changing Positions
Keep changing your positions and shoot from multiple directions.

#3. Weapon Combination

Similar to eliminate squads in PUBG Mobile, you should keep two powerful ARs that have high rates of fire and great accuracy. M416 and Beryl M762 are the best choices. With two extended mags, you have up to 80 bullets per round. That number of bullets is enough for squad clear.

Keep Two Powerful Assault Rifles
Keep two powerful assault rifles use in different situations.

Don't forget to reload full ammo for both two ARs before engaging. Use the Beryl when enemies approach you closely. Then, switch to M416 to deal with moving targets in mid-range combat. Try to eliminate them without having to reload ammo.

M416 And Beryl
The combination of M416 and Beryl is the most recommended combo.

#4. Don't Kill Bots

When you are planning to wipe out squads in BGMI, don't be greedy to bots and unveil your position. You can also make use of that bot to bait enemy squad and start to wipe them out with an easy kill. But all BGMI players know that bots only fire at another bot or real players.

Imitate A Bot To Bait Enemies
Imitate a bot to bait enemies and get easy kills.

If the bot player shoots you, imitate a bot and cheat enemies. It's another way to bait more enemies and kill half of the enemy squad. Most players are greedy to easy kills, so they will come to kill you if you can persuade them that you are a bot. Then, you can surprise them when they run to you without vigilance.

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