ASM Abakan is a new assault rifle in PUBG Mobile and BGMI but it's only added to the new Mission Ignition mode. Check out this guide on how to use ASM Abakan in BGMI.

ASM Abakan Weapon Details

ASM Abakan is a new AR with the base damage of 40 and headshot damage of 92. It equals the M249 and MG3, but lower than other 5.56 ARs, such as M416 and SCAR-L. However, ASM Abakan's rate of fire is pretty similar to that of M416 which is 11 bullets per second. So, the DPS of this new AR is 440dps which is pretty lower than M416 with 451dps.

Asm Abakan In Bgmi
This is the new gun ASM Abakan In PUBG Mobile 1.5.

Moreover, ASM Abakan is not as preferred as M416 because of its high recoil. Most 5.56 ARs are pretty stable and easy to control, such as M416 and SCAR-L. However, the recoil patterns of ASM Abakan are a bit higher. Then, it's quite hard to spray bullets in mid-range combat with this gun.

Asm Abakan Holo
It's an exclusive weapon in the new Mission Ignition mode.

The horizontal recoil of ASM Abakan is quite wide which means that the accuracy of this gun is low. If you spray bullets in a long-range fight, the crosshair will shake left and right badly. The compensator can't help you reduce it much. It can reduce the recoil by only around 5%.

Use A Red Dot In Close Range Scpray
You should use a red dot in close-range spray because this gun has very high recoil.

Attachment & Guide for ASM Abakan in BGMI

Luckily, the new game mode introduces a new attachment called Muzzle Brake. It works better than the compensator. The Muzzle Brake can reduce both the horizontal and vertical recoil of ASM Abakan by 10%. Both this gun and this muzzle are exclusive additions in PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition mode.

Asm Abakan
ASM Abakan is useful in single tap firing mode when dealing with long-range targets.

This new assault rifle is not as powerful and stable as M416 and SCAR-L, but it's pretty stable and reliable in long-range single tap mode. The recoil of this gun is only high in the full-auto firing mode because the barrel often bounces in the second bullet and later. If you use the single tap firing mode, the bullets fly accurately.

Asm Abakan Recoil
This assault rifle is not as powerful and stable as M416

To use ASM Abakan with low recoil, you need to keep some rules in your mind. Here are the basic rules to use this new weapon effectively in BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.5.

  • Never use it to spray bullets in long-range combat because the bullets won't hit the target accurately. Moreover, the great gun recoil will also cause a serious screen shake.
  • Although it's an AR, it's better to use it as a DMR. If you use it to pray a bullet, you should use a red dot to aim better and make the bullets concentrate.
  • Use the burst firing mode in long-range combat to take the enemy down faster. This firing mode lets players shoot 2 bullets per time.
  • Don't forget to keep a stable gun as the primary weapon if you use ASM Abakan as the secondary weapon. UZI, UMP45, and M416 are highly recommended.

Those are some best tips to use the new assault rifle ASM Abakan in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. You should learn to master it soon because the game developers may add it to the classic mode in the future.

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