The 1.5 patch for Battlegrounds Mobile India has finally been released, bringing with it a brand new Mission Ignition mode, as part of the collaboration with Tesla. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about Battlegrounds Mobile India Mission Ignition Mode, along with a basic guide to all the features.

1 - New landmarks in Mission Ignition mode

Mission Ignition mode is available to all players after the update. It has brought unforeseen changes to the iconic map of Erangel, to an unprecedented level. Players might find the map really confusing with all those new landmarks and features.

Mission Ignition
Mission Ignition mode is eligible for Tier points.

Six locations on the map have been revamped:

  • Pochinki -> Transit Center: Pochinki will become the core of Erangel's transport network. This will be the center of all hyperlines on Erangel. You can sit on the hyperlines to get here at any time.
  • Georgopol -> Port of Georgopol: The port of Georgopol is upgraded with future tech, which includes an automated warehouse filled with loot.
  • School -> Tech Center: The School becomes a research facility for new technology.
New locations
New locations in PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition Mode
  • Military Base -> Security Center: The Security Center monitors the whole island and is filled with high-grade weapons.
  • Yasnaya Polyana -> Logistics Agency: The Logistic Agency is filled with a great quantity of loot, enough for multiple squads
  • Mylta Power -> Energy Center: The Energy Center has high tier drops, similar to Mylta Power before it.

Furthermore, the urban areas on the map will get new advanced techs like lifts, automated moving platforms, and automatic doors.

2 - New features in Mission Ignition mode

The latest mode of BGMI will introduce new hyperlines, air conveyor and patrol robots. Details of each are explained below.


The hyperline trams will be a new method of public transport on Erangel. They are running vehicles that move from one stop to another around the map, in a fixed time. The red line on the road showcase the path of the hyperline, and the dots are the stops. The hyperline stops for about 10 seconds in each stop before moving to the next one.

Hyperlines are the red lines on the map.

Overall, these hyperlines are good replacements for transportation if players don't have access to vehicles. Camping on them and shoot people is not a bad idea, as the cars are indestructible, unlike a normal vehicle.

Air Conveyor

The Air Conveyor is a special transporting tool that launches players into the air. Afterward, players can navigate to wherever they want, by air. There are 8 conveyors on the map, marked with orange dots.

Air conveyor
Air conveyor in BGMI Ignition mode

These conveyors are even better tools to move around the map than the hyperlines, as they are completely safe and you can land wherever you want. Just be wary of ambushes on the ground.

Patrol robots

Patrol robots in Mission Ignition mode are located near the buildings and compounds. They can scan the area nearby and mark all the loots inside that location. The white dots on the map are the patrol robots. It is best to land on top of the robot, activate it to find the loot... and make a beeline for the good ones right away, such as scopes or attachments.

Patrol Robot
Activating a Patrol Robot

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3 - Tesla Collaboration: Gigafactory

There will be 4 Tesla Gigafactories available on the Erangel map. In each of these factories, players can build their own Tesla Model Y, the first vehicle in the game with Autopilot. The Tesla Gigafactory locations are always marked on the map and their locations change every match. They don't have any particular spawn patterns.

Tesla Gigafactories
A Tesla Gigafactory

Gigafactories also has a decent amount of loot - players should land there directly if possible.

New vehicles from the Tesla collab

There 5 new vehicles in Mission Ignition mode:

  • Tesla Roadster: A high-speed car with great mobility but low defense. Spawn normally on the map.
  • Tesla Cyber Truck: A reliable option for solo and squads with decent speed and durability. Spawn normally on the map.
  • Tesla Model Y: The Model Y is a special vehicle with an autopilot feature. It can only be found or build from the Gigafactory.
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y is a highly advanced machine.
  • Anti Gravity Motorcycle: A highly advanced motorcycle that hovers over land without using wheels. It can move above the water and ignore any terrains.
  • Tesla Semi Truck: These automated trucks spawn randomly on the map. They drop crates with good loot when damaged. Aim for them when you have the chance.

How to build your own Tesla Model Y?

Each Gigafactory has 3 lever switches and once they are all turned on, the Model Y will be assembled. Players can watch the entire process inside the factory. The first lever is right above the entrance door. The second lever is in a room on the left. The third lever is at the end of the building, opposite the first one.

Activate the levers
Activate the levers to create a Tesla Model Y

How to activate Tesla Model Y autopilot?

Place the Tesla Model Y on any road. Place a marker on the map - the Model Y will automatically find a route to that location. You can stop autopilot at any time.

4 - Unique items in BGMI Mission Ignition mode

Garena adds two new items in Mission Ignition Mode:

Riot Shield: A durable shield that provides players with cover when deployed. This item has the potential to be useful or even OP. You can create a cover anywhere, which reduces the potential of getting sniped.

The Riot Shield
The Riot Shield in Battlegrounds Mobile India Mission Ignition Mode

Tactical Marking Device: An advanced device that scans the locations and marks enemies that were hit. It also shows the status of teammates on the mini-map. Overall, this is only useful for marking enemies, as teammates' statuses are already shown on the screen.

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