Battlegrounds Mobile India/PUBG Mobile's 1.5 updates are coming out very soon this week, on July 13th (Tue) at 19:30 (IST). The update will add a great number of new features, including Ignition Mode, ranking system changes, MG3 Gun.... and more. In this article, we are going to showcase the complete BGMI 1.5 Update Patch Notes, listing all the new additions and changes coming to the game.

PUBG Mobile
BGMI 1.5 Updates: Ignition

1 - Gun Changes/Map Changes

Changes to M249

M249 LMG is no longer an airdrop weapon. It will spawn on all classic maps (except Karakin) like a normal weapon now.

New MG3 Gun

New MG3 Gun
New MG3 Gun in PUBG Mobile 1.5 Updates

The MG3 will replace the M249 in the Airdrop roster. It uses 7.62 ammo and has a magazine of 75 bullets. MG3 has a massive fire rate - in fact, you can switch between two modes. The 660 RPM is the normal firing rate... and the 990 RPM is the boosted one, which can result in 50% more damage. The MG3 can be fitted with scopes up to 6x - no other attachments can be used.

Throwable Healing Consumables

There have been rumors about a "healing grenade" but looks like that is not the case here. Consumable healing items like medkits or painkillers are now throwables. You can toss heals to your teammates at any time by equipping them on the grenade slot.

Glass Windows

Some buildings in Erangel and Miramar now have Glass windows. Players need to smash them to get pass.

2 - Ranking System Changes

The Ranking system
The Ranking system is much better now
  • 2 new tiers have been added between Ace and Conqueror. They are called Ace Master and Ace Dominator.
  • A challenge point system has been added to the ranking. Players can earn challenge points by playing a full game without quitting or dealing damage to teammates. They can be used to reduce the ranking points you lose upon getting eliminated.
  • Tier rewards have been improved in BGMI 1.5 Updates

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3 - Ignition Mode

A company named DynaHex has decided to use Erangel as an experimental base. You can access Ignition Mode through the EvoGround and experience a brand new Erangel. It is possible to earn Rating points in Ignition mode.

Map changes

Various new areas on Erangel
Various new areas on Erangel 1.5

DynaHex has upgraded 6 major areas of Erangel with cutting-edge technology.

  • Pochinki -> Transit Center: Pochinki will become the core of Erangel's transport network. A new high-tech station and supporting transit system will be located here. Players can travel on the city bus and use it as a form of mobile cover.
  • Georgopol -> Port of Georgopol: Georgopol is already a port - it will be further upgraded with future tech, including a fully automated warehouse and central command center.
  • School -> Tech Center: Upgraded with a new outlook - it is now a research facility.
  • Military Base -> Security Center: This facility monitors the whole island and is responsible for distributing rapid response security forces.
  • Yasnaya Polyana -> Logistics Agency: this facility is a checkpoint for goods and supplies to come into Erangel.
  • Mylta Power -> Energy Center: This place provides energy to all of Erangel with cutting-edge technology.

Special Gameplay Systems

  • Dynamic Elements: Automatic doors, lifts and other moving platforms will be part of the upgraded areas.
  • HyperLines: Players can use HyperLines to move between the various cities on Erangel. They move between fixed locations at set times.
  • Air Conveyor: This has been set up outside urban areas and bases to let security personnel travel through the air for patrolling.
Pubg Hyperlines
BGMI Hyperlines

Unique Firearms and Attachments

  • New gun ASM Abakan: A futuristic AR that uses 5.56mm rounds and has three different firing modes (full-auto, two-shot burst, and single-shot). The special part about the Abakan is that its first two shots are extremely accurate - which makes its burst mode perfect for sniping. Overall, you can treat this weapon like the FAMAS.
  • Ergonomic Grip: Grip attachment that improves the handling of firearms, lowers vertical/horizontal recoil, and accelerates recoil recovery.
  • Muzzle Brake: This muzzle attachment can reduce bullet scattering and lower recoil.
  • Drum Magazine: Rifle's magazine attachment that greatly increases magazine capacity at the cost of slightly longer reloading time.

Unique New Vehicles

  • Anti-gravity Motorcycle: A two-seat hoverbike that can travel around the map... without having to worry about terrains.
The hover Motorcycle
The Hover Motorcycle ignores terrain

Unique Items

  • Tactical Marking Device: an advanced device that automatically marks the position of enemies hit and displays the status of teammates on the minimap who are fighting.
  • Riot Shield: A portable shield that can be deployed at any time. Blocks all bullets.

Unique Features

  • Spawn Island Holographic Display: A holographic display appears in Spawn Island. It shows the map and flight route of the current match and the markers made by players.
  • Jump Marker: During the flight and jump phases, players can place markers by tapping on the map. They will appear as columns of light, with the destination name attached on top.
  • Auto-Parachute: Players can automatically parachute to the previously marked location.

Other New Contents

  • Add flight animations for missiles so that players can gauge the blast radius.
  • Add an indicator showing the approximate location of grenades thrown near players.

4 - QoL System Improvements

  • Players can set the sensitivity individually for each gun.
  • A new "Low" graphics option
  • 90 FPS mode added to new devices
The 90 FPS mode
The 90 FPS mode has been asked by fans for a long time
  • Gyroscope sensitivity settings improved, with new options added.
  • Players can select their favorite attachments. They will automatically replace other attachments added to the weapon.
  • New Remaining Ammo Indicator: When you have 25% ammo remaining, the number will turn yellow. 10% will turn the number to red. If your current weapon runs out of ammo, it will automatically be replaced with a weapon with ammo.
  • The duration of a Royale Pass increases to 2 months.

5 - Clan PK

A new "Clan Battle" mode is coming out soon. In this mode, clans of the same type and activity level will fight against each other for a 14 days battle. Clan members can do Clan battle missions to get clash points and daily rewards.

The clan with a higher number of points at the end of the season would win the Clan Battle. Both victory and individual contribution yield huge rewards.

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