The 1.5 update of Battlegrounds Mobile India is almost here. It is going to bring a lot of new quality-of-life features to Indian players, including the most wanted "separate sensitivity" for all guns. In this article, we are going to list out all the notable features in the upcoming update of BGMI.

1 - Customized sensitivity settings

With this feature, players can now set their favorite settings for different weapons. No longer would they have to use the same AWM settings for DMRs anymore. This would definitely improve players' accuracy, as settings are no longer based on scopes.

Customized sensitivity settings
Customized sensitivity settings in Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.5 update

2 - iPad view

This feature would enhance your POW if you are using an iPad. Currently, there's a lot of differences in how a character moves on an iPad and a smartphone. With this feature, players should be able to view their characters easier.

IPAD view
The IPAD view in BGMI lets you look around much easier and improve the graphics.

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3 - New Matrix Arena mode

A new arcade mode called Matrix Arena would be added as part of the 1.5 updates, with robot dogs playing a big role. These beasts will help players get high-quality loot. The launching pads are going to be a big part of the mode as well.

Matrix Arena Mode
Various new items in the Matrix Arena Mode

Other than these 2 details, not much is available about this mode.

4 - New MG3 gun

A brand new LMG named MG3 will be featured in the newest update of BGMI. It will be a great replacement for the usual M249 and DP28 in-game. The MG3 has two firing modes: single and auto... with an average damage per hit of 40 points. Overall, this weapon is very accurate, especially in single-shot mode.

The new MG3 gun
The new MG3 gun in BGMI is deadly.

5 - Healing throws

Players can now throw their healing items... just like a grenade. This can be useful in combat in order to give aids to faraway teammates. Healing throws will open up new strategies and let squads position far apart from each other... without affecting their ability to work as a team.

Healing throw in BGMI
Healing throw in Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.5 update can be somewhat useful in team modes.

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