Designated Marksman Rifles or DMRs are the midway point between Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). They are the favorite of many players, mostly due to their high damage output, long range and deadly headshots.

In this article, we are going to list the top 5 DMRs in BGMI. Some of them are available on all the maps in the game while some others are available only in selective maps.

5 - Mini 14

The Mini 14 is the most lightweight rifle in the DMR class. It deals less damage compared to other DMRs and only has attachments for muzzle, magazine and sight mods. However, the Mini 14 has very high muzzle velocity (the highest of any weapon in the game), large magazine capacity, and low bullet drop.

Mini 14
Mini 14 in BGMI

The above characteristics make the Mini 14 suitable for situations in which follow-up shots are needed at long-range... or close quarter fights in which you need to spam as fast as possible. Try to make sure that the area is secure before reloading, as the Mini 14 has a rather long reload time. The Mini-14 will deal maximum damage out to 90 meters.

4 - SKS

The SKS (Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova) is a DMR introduced in the earliest days of the game. It excels in medium-range fights and has deadly power in close-quarter, however, the SKS's long-range performance is only average. Furthermore, the SKS is highly customizable. It can accept most attachments in the game.


The downside of the SKS is that its base form without attachments is mediocre. SKS has only 10 bullet-magazine in its base form. You need an extended mag to combat effectively, as reloading the weapon cost a lot of time.

3 - SLR

The SLR (Self Loading Rifle), is one of the earliest DMR added to the game. It has great stopping power at long distances, even better than the Mini 14, due to its high damage and accuracy. Overall, the SLR can be seen as a more powerful version of the SKS, dealing more damage at the expense of more recoil.


Users need to have good recoil control and steady hands to readjust the aim constantly, as the SLR lacks a foregrip slot. With a higher bullet velocity and first shot accuracy, the SLR is more suited to prolonged long-range fights where there are ample covers. You can just peek in and out of covers constantly to chip at your foe.

2 - QBU

The QBU (QBU-88) is a DMR exclusive to Sanhok, replacing the Mini 14. It is a Chinese bullpup designed to fit the theme/location of the Southeast Asia map. This weapon is considered the most stable DMR in BGMI due to its default Bipod that automatically deploys upon going prone. It has one of the best recoil reductions in the game.


It is a shame that the QBU does not spawn on any other map but Sanhok. Its weakness is still ammo count, with the original magazine having only 10 bullets. You need to get an extended magazine to boost it to 20.

1 - Mk14 EBR

The MK14 (Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle) is more or less an improved version of the SKS that can only be acquired from airdrops. It deals more damage in the exchange for even more recoil. This can be easily fixed with a bipod and going prone - you can fire upon targets with relative safety.

MK14 EBR is amongst the best DMRs in BGMI.

Furthermore, the Mk14 EBR can be switched to automatic fire mode, which is something no other DMRs have. With this mode active, the Mk14 EBR can out damage pretty much everything at the cost of even more recoil. You need a very steady aim to make this work.

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