The Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile has been one of the greatest things of the game. It offers new multiple rewards, skins every season, and pretty much pays for itself if you complete all the levels.

Now, PUBG Mobile is going to have huge changes to the Royale Pass system in PUBG Mobile starting from the next one. That is why the next Royale Pass is called the Royale Pass Month 1: Tek Era. In this article, we will go through all the important changes of the new Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile.

Royale Pass Duration Reduced

The duration of the Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile will be reduced from 2 months to 1 month. That means the content of the Royale Pass will change every month.

Pubg Mobile Rpm1 Tek Era
The duration of the Royal Pass will be reduced from 2 months to 1 month.

Since the duration is now 1 month, the level cap of the Royale Pass is also reduced from 100 to 50. There will also be some bonus RP missions for you to get extra RP points.

Pubg Mobile Royale Pass
There will be bonus RP missions for you to level up faster.

More rewards for everyone

Even though there are fewer levels in the new Royale Pass, there are actually more rewards for players. Especially, Elite Pass users will be able to get both Legendary outfits at the final level instead of having to choose 1.

The variety of rewards in the new Royale Pass is also adjusted with more weapon skins, vehicle skins, airplane skins,...

Pubg Mobile Royale Pass Month 1 Reward
There will be various rewards in the new Royale Pass

Free Pass users also get more rewards too. There will be a reward at every level of the Pass. There is also a 60 UC Voucher for Free Pass users to buy the next Royale Pass.

Price Reduced and Free UC

The price of the PUBG new Royale Pass will be reduced from 600 UC to 360 UC. The price of Elite Pass Plus will be reduced from 1800 UC to 960 UC.

With the free UC Voucher, the Royale Pass only cost 300 UC, and the Elite Pass Plus only cost 900 UC. Meanwhile, you can get 360 UC if you reach the max level of the new Royale Pass. That means the new Royale Pass will actually earn you an additional 60 UC every month.

If you pre-order the Royale Pass, there will be even more discounts and rewards.

Pubg Mobile Free Uc
The new Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile will earn you 60UC every month if you reach the level max.

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