PUBG New State close alpha test has been opened in the US already. Players who pre-ordered this game and were chosen to experience PUBG New State can download the alpha test version now. Check out how to play PUBG New State in India here.

Can I Play PUBG New State In India?

PUBG New State pre-register link is not available in some countries, including India. Therefore, Indian gamers cannot download and play the PUBG New State Alpha test at the moment. Moreover, players using VPN tools, emulators, or any other tricks to pre-register PUBG New State are restricted, according to a PUBG New State community admin.

Pubg New State Alpha Test
PUBG New State Alpha Test is available for lucky US gamers now.

Therefore, you can't access the PUBG New State Alpha test because the game will not work when your device has a VPN tool. This information is confirmed by one of PUBG New State community's admins on discord. Don't try to sneak in with any tools and cheats. The anti-cheat mechanism of PUBG New States works pretty well to prevent hackers and cheaters and guarantee the best outcome of the test.

Pubg New State Alpha Test In The Us
You cannot download PUBG New State test in several countries.

How To Play PUBG New State In India?

It's very hard to play PUBG New State in India. You need to wait until the final version is launched and download the official version of this game if it's available in your region. Krafton also announced that PUBG New State will be a free-to-play game like PUBG Mobile.

Pubg New State
Indian players cannot access the test version.

Although gamers in India cannot experience the official test version of this new game, they can download the APK file to play it. Some third parties have released the APK version of the close alpha test to allow unlucky players to experience and enjoy the new game of Krafton. The APK and OBB files are also free to download and install although it's not a legal method to enjoy this game.

Pubg New State Apk
Download APK and OBB files of PUBG New State to enjoy it early.

Follow these steps to download PUBG New State APK in India.

  • Download APK file and OBB file of PUBG New State Close Alpha.
  • Enable the option of Install apps from Unknown Sources in the Privacy Setting.
  • Go to the Download Manager section on your smartphone, locate the APK file, and tap on the Install button.
  • After installing the APK file on your device, you move the OBB file from Download Manager to Android > OBB > com.pubg.newstate.beta.
  • Open the game and play it now.

If you want to create a game account with your main email, you shouldn't use it to log in to play it in this third-party edition.

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First Experience In PUBG New State Close Alpha

After entering the Close Alpha version of PUBG New State, you have to create a new character: choose gender and type (A, B, or C),  type the name, and tap on confirm button. Each type of character has a different appearance. After creating a character, you will enter the lobby.

Create New Character
Create a new character before enjoying the game.


The lobby of this new game is still pretty simple with some basic sections, such as map and mode selection, start button, store, notice, mailbox, and in-game wallet. Besides, the taskbar features four basic sections, including Season, Mission, Inventory, and Clan. Players can also add friends, invite friends to team up, and chat via textbox and voice chat.

Game Lobby
The game lobby is pretty simple with basic features, such as chat, start button, mission, inventory, etc.

Players can also check out their profile on the top left corner of the phone screen. You can check out the main statistics like in PUBG Mobile, such as average rank, win rate, top-10 rate, K/D ratio, avg. survived time, and tier points in solo and squad mode. Especially, players can send developers feedback in the Feedback banner on the left of the screen.

Spawn Island
The interface of PUBG New State is more like PUBG PC than PUBG Mobile.


PUBG New State also allows players to set up the control layout like in PUBG Mobile. But this new game has more actions than in PUBG Mobile. Thus, you have more function buttons to arrange on the screen. In addition, the game also features Vehicle, Language, Audio, Basic Play, and Special Effect settings apart from Basic and Control settings.

Set Up The Own Control Layout
Set up your own control layout before playing this game.

Maps And Modes

There are only two maps in the close alpha test, including Troi and Training Mode. The city Troi is the only battle royale mode at the moment. It also features two perspective modes: TPP and FPP. In terms of team mode, you can choose one of three modes: solo, classic squad, and team-up squad.

Choose The Map And Game Mode
There are two maps, two perspective modes, and three team modes.


Like in PUBG Mobile, players will enter a spawn island with 99 other players. You don't know how many of them are bots and real players. The plane will come and take you to Troi when the number of players joining reaches 100. The interface of PUBG New State is more like the PC version than the mobile edition of Tencent. The number of assists is also counted apart from the number of kills.

Pubg New State Gameplay
Play and enjoy a new battle royale game.

The graphics quality of the current test is pretty low to make the game light and compatible with more devices. But the test edition lets you adjust the graphic quality for players with high-end devices to have a better experience. Troi is a large city with various regions. Choose a place to land and play as normal. A significant difference in this new game that you need to get familiar with is the weapon customization.

Those are basic things about the PUBG New State as well as how to play PUBG New State in India now.

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