PUBG New State is an alternative for PUBG Mobile which is highly anticipated in the world recently, especially in India. This article will show you how to download PUBG New State in India. Check it out below.

Is PUBG New State Available In India?

The question 'in which country PUBG New State is available' is one of the most concerning issues in the battle royale game world now. A lot of gamers in the world are expecting to download and play this PUBG Mobile alternation. This game will be released soon. However, gamers in many countries around the world can pre-register to get this game now.

Pubg New State Min
PUBG New State pre-registration is not available in three countries, including Vietnam, China, and India now.

According to the official press, PUBG New State pre-registration is not yet available in India, China, and Vietnam at the current time. It's not sure if this game is banned in India or not. But that PUBG New State is developed in South Korea can guarantee the possibility of the game release in this South Asian country. Maybe Indian gamers can pre-register or download this game in the upcoming time.

How To Download PUBG New State In India?

PUBG New State is not available to download in any country yet. Now, you can only learn how to pre-register to get it when KRAFTON launched this game. You can also use this tip to download PUBG New State when the game is available to download on Google Play Store or App Store.

Pubg 2 10 Million Pre Registration
The pre-registration of PUBG New State Mobile passed 10 million on Google Play Store now.

Using VPN Tools To Download PUBG New State In India

The tip to pre-register and download PUBG New State in India is using VPN tools. There are many VPN tools that Indian mobile gamers can use to play games with low ping. Moreover, these tools also let Indian gamers access the Google Play Store or App Store to download many restricted games in this country, such as PUBG Mobile.

Pubg Mobile 2 Download Min
Indian gamers need to use a decent VPN tool to access the Google Play Store in other countries to download this game.

Firstly, you need to download and install a VPN tool on your smartphone. SoloVPN is a good VNP tool for Indian mobile gamers to use fake IP addresses. Then, open the VPN tool on your device and choose the country you want to use its IP address.

Pubg Mobile New State Pre Registration
PUBG New State is not available to download now but you can pre-register to get it when it comes.

It's highly recommended that you should use the Korean IP address to download and play PUBG Mobile and pre-register PUBG New State. After connecting to Korean IP, you have to create a new Google Account using that fake IP address. Log in to Google Play Store with that account and search PUBG New State. Then, click on the pre-register button.

Download PUBG New State On Tap Tap

Apart from Google Play Store, you can also pre-register and download PUBG New State from Tap Tap. If you cannot download this game from App Store on iOS devices, you can download it from Tap Tap. This game is available to pre-register on Tap Tap now. You can also get the pre-register links for both iOS users and Android gamers.

Solo Vpn Tool Min
Solo VPN is a good tool to use in India that lets you use a fake IP address to download PUBG games.

Although this game has not been released, it is rated 9.6/10 on this website. Moreover, the pre-registration of this new game passed 10 million on Google Play Store now. It proved the great attraction of this game and the giant anticipation of the gamer community for PUBG New State.

Download Pubg Ns On Taptap
iOS mobile gamers can pre-register and download PUBG Mobile New State on Tap Tap.

Pre-Register On PUBG 2's Official Website

Another way to pre-register for this game is by accessing the official website of PUBG 2 - PUBG New State. The pre-registration for PUBG Mobile 2 on the iOS platform is not available now. But the game publisher announced that it will come soon. Moreover, those who pre-register for PUBG New State will get a Limited Vehicle Skin (Permanent).

Benefit Of Pre Register
You will get a Limited Vehicle Skin (Permanent) when the game is released if you pre-register it now.

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What To Expect In PUBG New State?

PUBG New State's background is set in the year 2051. Therefore, you will have a lot of futuristic features, such as super-advanced devices and weapon mechanisms. For example, the weapon and attachment systems in PUBG Mobile are fixed and categorized clearly.

Pubg 2 New Map
This new game brings you new maps with different environments.

However, PUBG Mobile 2 allows players to create their own weapons by changing or equipping the attachments they loot on the map. It's very easy for gamers to create a gun that is the most suitable for them. This weapon customization is also the most expected feature in this new game.

Advanced Gears
This game has a lot of futuristic features and super-advanced devices.

Moreover, you will play on totally new maps with different scenery. PUBG New State maps look more moderns because the story of the game is set in the future. You will combat in modern buildings and compounds. For example, there are many abandoned shopping malls, supermarkets, large squares, etc.

Weapon Customization Min
Weapon customization is also the most expected feature in PUBG New State.

The vehicle system is also pretty different from that of PUBG Mobile. For example, there will be some modern cars and bikes for you to move on an 8x8km map. The permanent skin you get from pre-registration is also a cool car skin of modern cars.

This guide showed you how to pre-register and how to download PUBG New State in India when it's released. Pre-register now to get an attractive car skin reward when the game arrives.

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