P90 is an exclusive SMG on Livik which you cannot find in other classic maps. Although it's an exclusive weapon, P90 in BGMI and PUBG Mobile is still underrated. It's not highly estimated as the P90 PUBG PC in the new patch 13.2 where it is a new gun in the airdrop. It's even called the SMG version of Groza. Let's compare P90 in two versions of PUBG here.

#1. Damage

Despite the same name, P90 in PUBG PC and P90 in PUBG Mobile have different statistics. The first difference between these two versions is the base damage.

  • P90 in BGMI and PUBG Mobile has a base damage of 30 HP/hit.
  • In PUBG PC, P90 has a base damage of 35 HP/hit.

Besides, the firing rate also makes them different. In specific, P90 in PUBG PC continues to surpass this gun in PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

  • In BGMI and PUBG Mobile, P90's firing rate is 700 rounds per minute.
  • P90 in PUBG PC has an insane firing rate of 1000 rounds per minute.

As a result, the damage per second (DPS) of P90 in PUBG PC is much higher than that of P90 in PUBG Mobile.

  • Its DPS in PUBG Mobile is 350HP/s.
  • The DPS of P90 in PUBG PC is 583 HP/s.

Therefore, the P90 PUBG PC is much more powerful than this gun in the mobile version. Although they are the same gun, their features are not the same in the two versions.

Pubg P90
PUBG P90 is an airdrop weapon.

#2. Spawn Rate

The fourth difference between P90 in PUBG PC and P90 in PUBG Mobile is the spawn rate.

  • In PUBG PC, P90 only appears in the classic and custom airdrops, but it spawns in all PUBG maps.
  • P90 in PUBG Mobile spawns on the map Livik only but players can loot it everywhere on the map.

Therefore, it's hard to conclude which P90 version is more popular and easier to loot.

P90 Pubg Pc
P90 only spawns in the airdrop in PUBG PC.

#3. Sight/Scope

P90 in PUBG PC and P90 in PUBG Mobile have different iron sight and scope slots.

  • P90 in PUBG Mobile and BGMI has a flat iron sight which is really hard for users to aim and shoot. However, it supports from red dot and holographic sight to 6X scope.
  • In PUBG PC, P90 does not have the iron sight because it has a pre-equipped holo and flip sight. The flip sight equals a 2X scope in PUBG Mobile. Therefore, it does not support other scopes.

However, the pre-equipped scopes in PUBG PC P90 are good enough for close-range combat and face-to-face combat. This gun is very weak in long-range combat, so you don't need to attach 4X or 6X scope for it. Moreover, P90 also has a laser scope to support players when using hip-fire in face-to-face combat.

Pre Equipped Scope
The pre-equipped scopes in PUBG PC P90 are good enough for close-range combat

#4. Attachments

Apart from scope, P90 in two versions of PUBG also has different attachment slots.

  • In PUBG PC, P90 is still good without attachments. But it supports many attachments, including cheek pad, laser, scope, suppressor, and grip.
  • P90 in PUBG Mobile also supports a laser sight, scopes (from red dot, holo, to 6X), and all muzzle attachments (suppressor, compensator, flash hider, and barrel extended). You need these attachments to master PUBG Mobile P90.
P90 Pubg Mobile
P90 PUBG Mobile needs improvements to be more powerful.

#5. Ammo & Reload Duration

P90 in two versions uses different types of ammunition. It's a huge difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC.

  • P90 in PUBG Mobile uses 9mm ammunition with 50 rounds per load.
  • P90 in PUBG PC uses 5.7mm ammo with 50 rounds per load. This ammo type is very rare because it only spawns in airdrops.

The reload duration of this gun in these two versions is longer than other weapons due to larger magazines.

  • P90 PUBG PC takes you 3.4/3.8 seconds to reload.
  • P90 PUBG Mobile takes you 3.1/3.4 seconds to reload.

This is the only advantage of P90 PUBG Mobile over this gun in PUBG PC. Moreover, P90 in PUBG PC is more silent than that in PUBG Mobile.

With the coming of a new P90 in PUBG PC, developers of PUBG Mobile and BGMI may make some changes in this gun of the mobile version to make it less underrated.

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