The latest PUBG Mobile weapon that we have currently is the P90. This weapon has actually been highly anticipated by users of the PC version of PUBG, but for some reason, the game developers themselves prefer to bring the P90 gun PUBG Mobile to the mobile version where this weapon also cannot be free to use.

PUBG Mobile cập nhật phiên bản 0.18.0: Miramar có diện mạo mới P90 Gun PUBG Mobile
The P90 is the newest weapon coming to PUBG Mobile as part of the 0.18.0 update

Why? Because this weapon will only be used by you in the PUBG Mobile Arena Mode, so if you've been asking questions like P90 Gun PUBG where to find, you have your answer.

P90 is a weapon, belonging to the SMG class. This weapon has a large capacity with a clip size that can hold up to 50 bullets. The weapon can be used in three ways, namely Single Fire Mode which is suitable for long distances, Burst Fire Mode for medium-range, and Automatic Mode which is perfect for short distances.

Even though it's only present in P90 gun PUBG Arena Mode, it doesn't hurt either if we get to know this weapon more closely, right? Let's take a look at what this weapon is about and where it came from

What is the P90 PUBG Mobile Based on?

P90 gun PUBG in real life is a weapon that was made because of a request from countries in the NATO Alliance to replace the previous weapon using 9x19 bullets. The weapon was made by a Belgian company called FN Herstal and was made with the aim of being a defensive weapon commonly used by reserve army units.

Mỹ phát triển vũ khí cực nhỏ dùng đạn siêu tốc - Tin Mới P90 Gun PUBG Mobile
The real-life weapon is an extremely effective close-range SMG thanks to its small size and fire rate

Do you know why this weapon is called P90? This is because it was produced in the 90s, and that is the origin of why it was given the name "P90". Currently, P90 has been used by the military and police in 40 countries, including Austria, Brazil, Canada, India, Malaysia, and the United States.

Since 2005, this weapon also comes in a new form which is used in shooting sports called "PS90" - which has a barrel that is longer than the old version.

P90 Gun PUBG Mobile is a Light and Accurate Weapon

If you are a Shooting game fan, you should already know that P90 has an amazingly good level of accuracy. This weapon is suitable for near-medium range combat. In addition to its accuracy which is very easy to control, the other advantage of P90 is its extreme lightweight

FN P90 FN PS90 FN Herstal FN 5.7×28mm Firearm, weapon, angle P90 Gun PUBG Mobile
The P90 is actually a very light weapon compared to other guns thanks to its polymer frame

This is because it uses a polymer material that is also allegedly resistant to impact. In fact, the P90 can be used with only one hand! Not surprisingly, many make the P90 one the most reliable weapons in Shooting games.

The P90 gun PUBG Mobile damage is not too great but it has another incredible thing, which is a high rate of fire, reaching 800-900 rounds per second, and makes it very ferocious if used at a distance of 200 meters.

Below you can find an image of the in-game P90 PUBG gun image.

pubg mobile new gun list: PUBG MOBILE P90 gun PUBG Mobile
With the attachments, the gun becomes even more stable with its already low recoil

P90 gun PUBG stats

  1. Power - 30
  2. Rate of Fire - 70
  3. Range - 25
  4. Capacity - 50
  5. Stability - 58

Do you think with these P90 gun PUBG stats, the game weapon reflects correctly what the gun can do in real life? To be honest, its DPS is not as good as the PP-19 Bizon and not as stable either, but with the attachments, it becomes more stable and extremely dangerous when combined with its damage and high rate of fire.

P90 Gun PUBG Mobile Attachments

This one P90 gun PUBG Mobile weapon has access to many attachments, which you can maximize to make it easier to kill opponents. According to Tencent, the P90 gun PUBG damage is enhanced thanks to "all SMG Muzzle attachments, 1x-6x Scope, and the Laser Sight".

This player is quite handy with the P90, proving that it is very deadly for certain play styles

For muzzle use, you can use Compensator which can improve the accuracy of the P90 itself. With recoil which is very little compared to other weapons, you will always be hitting where you are aiming. For scope, you can use 2x for mid-range combat. And finally, Laser Sight is useful to increase accuracy when you shoot using hip fire.

So that was a brief overview and the background of the newest weapon in PUBG Mobile at the moment. If you are looking for more news, updates, guides, lists, etc. on gaming and entertainment like this P90 Gun PUBG Mobile article, visit our website at for more of what you need.