The latest update version 0.18.0 of PUBG Mobile brought players lots of new features. Besides the highly-anticipated Mad Miramar map, there is a new submachine gun. Here are things you need to know about this new weapon in PUBG Mobile.

Things To Know About the P90 Gun PUBG?

This new submachine gun is spawned in the Arena Mode in PUBG Mobile. This new SMG is most powerful in close-range combat. That’s why the developers bring this gun to this mode. The P90 gun PUBG is a strong gun with a very high firing rate. It uses 9mm ammo with a large ammo mag capacity of 50 bullets per load. Therefore, you don’t need to use an extended mag to increase the number of bullets per load.

P90 gun PUBG
PUBG Mobile has introduced a new submachine gun: P90 gun PUBG in the latest update version

This new P90 gun PUBG is one of the best submachine guns in this battle royale game. Moreover, it’s more flexible than many other SMGs with three firing modes: single, burst, and auto. So, you can still use P90 in long-range combat for higher accuracy. Or else, you can fire at the enemies at medium and short-range in burst mode at lower recoil rate.

P90 gun PUBG
The stats of new gun P90

Obviously, the P90 gun PUBG is strongest in close combat with full-auto firing mode. With a large ammo load and a super high firing rate, P90 can cause great damage to the enemies. In addition, it has attachment slots for all muzzles, sight and scope (from red dot, holo to 6x), and laser sight. With a full set of attachments, this gun is more powerful and less recoil.

Now, the P90 gun PUBG is only available is Arena maps. But it may come to Classic mode in the future. You should play and experience it now to compare P90 vs other SMGs in PUBG Mobile.

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