In every online game including PUBG Mobile, there are trends that every player seems to follow. The trends in the game are made diverse, some originate indeed from the developers themselves, some are created as a result of community and human interactions, causing many players to follow suit.

Not all these trends in online competitive games, especially PUBG Mobile, have a good effect. When there are players who cannot follow the trend, the end result is they feel not the same as others so they cannot appear confident, or be questioned by other players about why he could not keep up.

And if you are asking yourself what the trends are about, you may not realize that many trends in PUBG Mobile have become social pressures. While these sound strange to hear in a video game, our interactions have indeed created habitual behaviors that imitate real-life peer pressure.

If you are curious or still don't know which that we are referring to, scroll down and you'll have your answer:

Collecting Every Little Piece of PUBG Mobile Skin

Who among you does this a lot? Seeing known friends or even random players who are part of your team playing with a collection of skins that are interesting and unique can make you feel a little inferior.

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If you have felt this way, then this is one trend that happens often. Ever since skins were introduced, everyone has flocked to collect as many pieces of skin as they can. Until for some people, collecting skin becomes the main thing over skills.

What we really want to see in PUBG Mobile is skills and competition, and most importantly, fun, not skin. So no need to feel sad or unconfident if you do not have the skin that your friends have!

Trying to Get Every Royale Pass Elite

Some of you may often see friends or random players who upgrade their royale passes to elite royale passes. Elite RPs contain attractive and different rewards and skins for each season. A lot of players or even you yourself spend and save up a lot just to upgrade to RP Elite. Everything must be done to get the RP Elite prestige in PUBG Mobile.

If you don't upgrade to RP Elite, it is not the same as not being cool or not up to date, because PUBG Mobile never requires you to have RP Elite to have fun. Should you not buy Elite RP for once, you are not missing out on enjoying the game!

Feeling Bad About Your PUBG Mobile Tier Ranking

PUBG Mobile has many tier levels in it, starting from Bronze to Ace, and the highest is Conqueror. Whereas Conqueror itself is a rank that cannot be pursued by everyone, so the best tier that everyone can theoretically achieve is Ace.

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Ace is indeed a difficult tier to achieve, and many players do not feel confident among their friends if their ranking has not yet reached Ace.

There are several ways to improve, such as asking for help from friends who have Ace tier to help them play or hiring someone else to help raise the ranking. But the worst is to use cheats to get themselves up to Ace.

Meanwhile, the thing that is most emphasized for playing PUBG Mobile is skills. If your skills don't match the tier, it is not an achievement, it's only a nice decoration that gets exposed if you play real skillful players.

Before, having a high tier is important because of the prestige for the players. But since everyone is chasing higher tiers using every tool at their disposal, there is no need to be embarrassed or not confident if you have not managed to achieve the highest tier at the end of a season, because a player with a high ranking is not necessarily good!

Chasing after K/D Numbers

You probably have heard people say that "x is just a number". That sentence is true for K/D in PUBG Mobile as well, as it is just a number. But why is it that we need to include K/D among the list of things you don't need to follow in PUBG Mobile?


In the beginning, people did not care about K/D, everyone played for fun, or maybe at least just to chase the highest tiers in each season. However, since PUBG Mobile has become a competitive game, K/D has become a consideration for entering an esports team. However, K/D does not fully determine whether the player is good or not!

For example, players with K/D above 5 are opposed to players who only have K/D 2-3 and often take part in scrims or tournaments. But you will definitely notice that having a high K/D ratio is not necessarily being a good player. While a lesser K/D is also not necessarily indicative of a noob player. K/D is just a number because what matters are skills and mentality.

It could be that people with K/D 5 always play in a safe way, while those who have KD 2-3 are often killed because they always go down in a crowded place or intense shootouts. Although the player with a lower K/D is often killed, he is definitely a player with a better mentality, more "clutch".

Of course, having a high K/D plus the experience and mentality will allow any players to easily enter many esports teams!

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If you want to hone skills, don't be ashamed about having a lower K/D. Everything needs a process, and you can fail several times because one day there must be a point where you will succeed. Why would a high K/D player be proud if he could not survive intense battles?

Ignoring a Low Ranking Player

Are you lazy when it comes to playing with lower-ranked people? For example, when you have the Crown tier and then you are playing with a Gold player, then you start having a feeling of being lazy or unexcited.


When you play with players who have low rankings, the total rating or points added to your own rankings are very few, whereas people at lower tiers who play with higher tiers will increase the number of points.

However, this cannot be used as an excuse to avoid those low ranking people. You need to make peace with your own ego from time to time, and help your friends who are still ranked low. Or the last option is, you can create a second account to play with your friends who are still ranked low.

At least it will feel a little fairer, and your high-ranking main account will still be there. Again, it's important to keep in mind that it does not matter what the tier or K/D ratio is, your own skills and mentality are what determine victory on the Battlegrounds.

Do you happen to be one of the players who chase after these trends? If so, you should realize that they are bad habits that you can decide to now follow like a wise player. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at