It's been almost a year since Avengers: Endgame released to theaters around the world. Even though fans have already been able to see it on the big screen and even at home with the home edition, there are still nuggets from the movie that the Russo Brothers use to refer to the original Marvel comics for fans to discover.

There are hundreds of articles on the internet trying to summarize in words the many Easter eggs present in Avengers: Endgame, the great cinematic event that ended eleven years of the Marvel Universe in cinema. But it seems that there was a detail that escaped us all and that you have now discovered according to Screenrant, thanks to a deeper viewing of the film.

A little Avengers: Endgame tribute almost everybody missed

As the website explains, although in Endgame we see Steve Rogers give up the Captain America shield for the first time, in the comics it has already happened a few times and there have been different characters who have taken up the armor of The First Avenger.

Captain America avengers: endgame tribute roscoe simmons
Roscoe Simmons was an ill-fated Captain America in the comics

One of them was Roscoe Simmons, who received the shield from Rogers' own hands before Rogers became a Nomad. However, the joy did not last long, because Simmons only lasted two issues as Captain America since he was killed in issue #183 of the Captain America and Falcon comics called "Death of a Hero".

And how have the Russo Brothers paid tribute to this short-lived character? Well, with simple staging, if in the comics it is Roscoe who dresses up as Captain America, in Endgame it is Captain America/Steve Rogers who dresses up as Roscoe, more specifically when Steve Rogers and Tony Stark infiltrate the military base where he worked with the father of Iron Man.

Captain America avengers: endgame tribute steve rogers
Steve Rogers dons the outfit of Roscoe to pay tribute to the fallen Captain

As you can see, on the lapel of his suit appears the name Roscoe, a small detail that has managed to escape most fans. Now that Steve Rogers has decided to leave the shield behind we will have to see how Sam Wilson is doing as the new Captain America.

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