BGMI has changed many weapons in the airdrop, but AUG A3 is still in the airdrop. After the latest changes, it becomes the only 5.56mm assault rifle to spawn in BGMI airdrops now. Here's why BGMI AUG A3 hasn't been removed from the airdrop.

Why BGMI AUG A3 spawn in airdrops

AUG A3 is the only 5.56mm assault rifle in BGMI airdrops now after MG3 replaced M249. After many big changes and updates, this weapon hasn't been removed or replaced by any other gun. Here can be some reasons why this AR is still put in the airdrop after dozens of updates.

#1. No Nerf Or Buff

In PUBG Mobile and BGMI, AUG A3 has not got any nerf or buff after two big weapon updates. It still keeps the base hit damage of 41 which equals M416, SCAR-L, QBZ, and G36C. In terms of single-hit damage, AUG A3 is not the best 5.56mm AR in BGMI.

While other weapons have been nerfed or buffed in previous updates, AUG seems to be ignored. Then, you don't need to adjust your gameplay after updates if you only use this weapon.

Bgmi Aug A3
AUG A3 has no changes in BGMI.

#2. Damage Stats

AUG A3 has many outstanding stats that make it the only 5.56mm weapon in the BGMI airdrop now, such as bullet velocity and DPS.

  • AUG A3 has a high initial bullet speed which is 940m/s. It's also the highest bullet velocity in this shooting game. It makes bullets more accurate and reduces the bullet drop in long-range combat. Despite high initial bullet velocity, AUG A3 is still one of the most stable and reliable assault rifles for spraying bullets due to its low recoil.
  • Besides, the DPS of AUG reaches 478 HP/s which is higher than M416 (467 HP/s) and lower than QBZ and SCAR-L (490 HP/s). It's good enough in the list of the 5.56 weapon category.

Therefore, it's still a reliable and outstanding weapon in the list of 5.56mm weapons. Moreover, AUG appears on more maps than G36C, QBZ, and SCAR-L. You can find AUG in almost all BGMI classic maps. Then, it's recommended to master AUG A3 to have a core weapon to play on all maps.

Aug A3
AUG A3 has a high initial bullet speed.

#3. Stability

AUG is one of the most stable weapons which are easiest to handle and control in staying bullets. It's more reliable if you equip the best attachments to this gun, but it's still good without attachments.

In BGMI, M416 is the most favorite AR thanks to its stability. In fact, AUG has lower recoil than M416. It's easier to control than other ARs in this game.

Aug Is Very Stable And Reliable
AUG is very stable and reliable.

BGMI AUG A3 weaknesses

Although AUG A3 is a powerful weapon, a lot of players still ignore this gun when looting airdrops. Here are the two main reasons why AUG A3 is still underrated.

#1. Medium DPS

Although AUG A3 is an airdrop weapon, its DPS is still lower than some non-airdrop weapons, such as P90 and Beryl. In comparison with the other assault rifle in the airdrop - Groza, AUG is much weaker. The DPS of Groza reaches up to 587 HP/s. In the category of assault rifles, AUG's DPS is only higher than AKM and M416. Therefore, AUG is weaker than Groza.

#2. Long Reload Duration

The reload duration of AUG A3 is 3.6 seconds. It's much higher than M416 (3.5 seconds). On average, reload duration of BGMI weapons is only 3.3 seconds. Obviously, reload duration of AUG A3 is too long. Players may lose the best chance to take the target down. More seriously, the longer reload duration may lead to death in an open fight.

Long Reload Duration
It has a long reload duration.

In conclusion, AUG A3 is good enough to spawn in BGMI now, but it's hard to predict whether this AR will be replaced in further updates or not.

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