BGMI Vikendi will be released in the latest update 1.6 as reported in the patch note. However, it's still not available now. It seems that Vikendi 2.0 will come back in the list of classic BGMI maps later.

BGMI Vikendi 2.0 Release Date

BGMI Vikendi will be released during BGMI update 1.6 according to the patch note. However, KRAFTON hasn't announced the exact date of this map. Apart from Vikendi 2.0, many other game modes are also re-added.

Here are the release dates of those new game modes.

  • Titans Last Stand: Sep 28th - Nov 15th.
  • Metro Royale Reunion: Sep 28th - Nov 15th.
  • Payload 2.0: Oct 15th - Nov 15th.
  • Infection Mode: Oct 15th - Nov 15th.
  • Survive Till Dawn: Oct 15th - Nov 15th.
  • Runic Power: Oct 15th - Nov 15th.
  • VS AI: Sep 14th - Nov 15th.
Pubg Mobile Vikendi 2 0
PUBG Mobile Vikendi 2.0 is coming soon.

Major Changes On New Vikendi Map

There are some new additions and changes in the new map Vikendi 2.0 BGMI. You can explore this winter map in the upcoming time and enjoy the winter holiday here.

  • The Train Tracks and Moving Train.

The game developers added some new railways and trains to this map. These trains will be operated automatically. It was introduced in the PC version of PUBG. This new addition makes a lot of players excited and anticipated. Players can get on the train at railway stations in different spots on the map. It has 6 railways, 9 trains, and 12 railway stations.

Vikendi 2 0
There is a new train system.

Players on the train can shoot the enemies on the ground to combat on the train. Simultaneously, players on the map can also shoot players on the train. It's very risky to combat while you are on the train but it's very interesting. You must try it at least once when this map is released.

Combat On Trains
Combat on trains is often exciting.
  • Less Snow & More Trees

Apart from the new train system, the developers of PUBG Mobile and BGMI also make some changes in the environments. Firstly, most of the snow in BGMI Vikendi 2.0 will be removed. Besides, they also add many trees to the map to make the forest denser. Therefore, it's pretty more challenging when driving through the forest. Moreover, this map also has a new weather system with two modes, including clear sky and snowing sky.

New Map Has Less Snow And More Trees
The new map has less snow and more trees.
  • Expanded Dino Park

Dino Park is a famous destination of attraction on the snow map Vikendi. You should visit this location when this winter map. Besides, some new parts are also added in DinoLand. The old Dino Park is quite simple. Therefore, developers added some modern houses and compounds. Then, you will have more corners to hide and cover during combat.

Vikendi 2 0 Is More Stunning
The DinoLand in Vikendi 2.0 is more stunning and attractive.
  • Location Changes

The game developers will remove some small locations, such as Tovar and Movatra. Besides, Volnova and Abbey will be expanded. In addition, they also add an Abby to Kreznic. From many pictures of the new map Vikendi 2.0 in BGMI Beta Update, we can see more water areas and different color patches when looking from a high place.

Those changes and improvements make the new map more stunning, realistic, and attractive. Previously, this map was removed because not many players choose to play on this map. With these changes, the dev team expects that BGMI Vikendi 2.0 will attract more players.

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