PUBG Mobile offers a wide range of 5.56mm assault rifles, including M416 and AUG A3. Both these AR are great weapons for short to medium-range combat. But which one is better? Let's check it out here with

M416 Vs AUG: Power, Damage, And Rate of Fire

In terms of damage, both AUG and M416 have a huge damage point of 41. Besides, both of them feature two firing modes, including full-auto and single. You can easily switch between these two modes to tap and fire in medium-range combat or spray bullets in short-range engagements. In addition, these two AR has a pretty similar rate of fire (0,0857s).

Aug A3
AUG has a high initial bullet speed of 940m/s

However, AUG has a high initial bullet speed of 940m/s, a little higher than that of M416 that is 880m/s. Therefore, AUG is pretty stronger in 1v1 close combat. Moreover, the effective range of AUG A3 is a bit wider (100-500m) than the effective range of M416 (100-400m).

M416 Pubg
M416 has a shorter effective range than AUG A3.

AUG Vs M416: Stability & Popularity

Both AUG and M416 are stable and easy to use. They are great choices for beginners. However, M416 is much more popular than AUG A3. You can easily grab an M416 on all five maps and most of the game modes in PUBG Mobile. In classic mode, it's spawned at a high rate on the map.

M416 Vs Aug
Both AUG and M416 are stable and easy to use.

However, AUG A3 is a rare weapon that is only spawned in the airdrop. Therefore, most of PUBG Mobile players choose to practice and master M416.

M416 is more popular

M416 Vs AUG: Attachments

Both AUG and M416 come with many attachment slots to increase the power and effectiveness. But the M416 has more attachment slots to help reduce the gun recoil. You should find a compensator, vertical foregrip, and stock to make it less recoil. In addition, you can attach a red dot or 3x scope for close-quarter and medium-range combat.

AUG A3 is powerful AR

If you get an AUG A3, you can use a suppressor to hide your position. Then, attach a 4x or 6x scope for medium-to-long-range combat. Both these guns offer a slot for an extra mag to increase the ammo capacity or reduce the reloading time or both.