PUBG Mobile M249 is a powerful light machine gun. M416 is the most favorite weapon in this game. Both these 5.56mm guns are great but which one is better? Let's compare and pick up the best gun for you.

PUBG Mobile M249 Vs M416

Both these guns use 5.56mm ammo. However, they have different features.

Power, Damage, And Rate Of Fire

M249 is a light machine gun that is spawned in the airdrops in PUBG Mobile. This is one of the most powerful weapons with great damage per hit of 45. Moreover, it has a great firing rate of 0.075s. Therefore, this beast weapon produces a super huge damage point per second.

M249 is a super-powerful gun in PUBG Mobile

Meanwhile, M416 deals a little bit lower hit damage point of 41. Besides, it also loses in terms of the firing rate. Therefore, the damage per second of this gun seems to be lower. Therefore, M416 seems to be weaker than the M249. Moreover, the M249 also has a larger ammo capacity of 100 bullets per load. But the M416's default mag can hold 30 bullets. However, M416 still has many advantages over the M249.

M416 is the most favorite weapon in this game.

Reload Duration, Popularity, And Stability

In terms of stability and reload duration, the M146 wins. This gun has up to 6 attachment slots to reduce gun recoil and aim and shoot better. Thus, it's a favorite gun of various players in PUBG Mobile, especially the newbies. Moreover, this AR takes you only 2.1s to reload a default mag. With an extended quickdraw mag, its ammo capacity increases and the reload duration decrease.

M416 is more stable and versatile

In contrast, the M249 takes players up to 8.2s to reload the full mag of 100 bullets. Moreover, this LMG doesn't have attachment slots for muzzles, grips, and stock to reduce the gun recoil. Therefore, you can only use it for close-range combat.

M249 Spawn
M249 is spawned in the airdrops in PUBG Mobile

Moreover, M416 is more popular and versatile. You can easily find this gun in almost all game modes and all classic maps. In addition, it's effective in both short and medium-range combat.