BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.6 have arrived already. It introduced a new game mode and brought some old game modes back. The new Flora Menance Mode is the new game mode in the battle royale mode on the map Erangel. Here are some BGMI 1.6 setting tips and new game mode tricks to get Chicken Dinner.

BGMI 1.6 Setting Tips

There are some additions and changes in the setting of BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.6. They added some new options to the basic setting. Check out these new tips for setting in this update here.

  • Merging Crouch and Prone

If you enable this option, the crouch and prone option will be merged into a button. If you play with 2 or 3-finger claw settings, you should enable this option. Then, you can hold the crouch button for a while to prone and tap it to crouch. If you play with a 4-finger or 5-finger claw, don't enable it because it will take a longer time to prone.

Disable Merging Crouch Prone
Disable Merging Crouch & Prone option.
  • Sprint Sensitivity

If you reduce the Sprint Sensitivity, you need to drag your thumb higher to sprint. But if you leave it at 100%, you will sprint immediately when you drag the joystick. The recommended Sprint Sensitivity is between 75-90%. It guarantees that you can still walk.

Sprint Sensitivity
Set the sprint sensitivity at 75-90%.
  • Focal Lenght Adjustment

It can be recognized as the Scope Distance Adjuster. There are two options: hold or tap. It's better to choose the Tap option.

Choose Tap Option For Focal Length Adjustment
Choose Tap option for Focal Length Adjustment.
  • Headshot Sound Effect

This is a new amazing feature in the basic setting. When you hit a headshot, you can hear a sound when the bullet hit the target's helmet. You should enable it right away. It lets you know how many accurate shots and damage you cause to the target. It's very important in making in-game plans, especially when you decide to rush or camp.

Headshot Sound Effect
You should enable Headshot Sound Effect right away.
  • Highlight Moments

This will save your highlight gameplay in the career result. You can view it later. You shouldn't enable it if you play BGMI on low-end devices.

Highlight Moments
Highlight moments are saved in the career result.

Follow these BGMI 1.6 setting tips to have better experiences in the current version. It also helps you perform better and play more comfortably.

Flora Menance Tips & Tricks

Flora Menance is a new battle royale mode. It has many new features that also make the gameplay change a lot. Here are rules and tips to play the new game mode better and get Chicken Dinner frequently.

#1. Collect Nacores

Loot as many Nacores as possible to exchange for high-level supplies. Instead of wasting time looting around the map, you can get high-standard weapons, vests, helmets, and attachments from Dynahex Supplies. There are four categories of supplies in Dynahex Supplies.

  • Weapons
  • Military Vest & Helmet
  • Attachments
  • Ammo

It's quicker to get the targeted supplies, including airdrop weapons and gear. Each Nacore chip equals 100 Nacore currencies.

Summon A Supply Cell To Make A Cover
Summon a supply cell to make a cover in the open fight.

#2. Use Supply Cells Wisely

The supply cell is indestructible. Therefore, you can use it as a cover. Tap on the Supply Shop button on the screen to use the Nacore chips to buy supplies. Select the item you want to purchase and summon one or some supply cells on the open ground. It makes a solid cover for players in open fights.

Place A Supply Cell Near The Door
Place a supply cell near the door to climb to the second floor.

In addition, you can also climb on the top of the supply cells to rush second-floor campers. Summon a supply cell near the door and climb into the second floor of the squad house to surprise enemies. Therefore, the supply cell is very useful in this game mode.

Those are some new tips and tricks to play in the new Flora Menance game mode. Let's choose this special map and enjoy this exciting game mode now!

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