The 1.6 update for PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India brings massive changes alongside previously popular game modes. However, the best amongst them is probably the new Player vs AI mode called "VS AI". In this article, we are going to show you the details of the new mode and how to play it.

1 - About the new 'Player vs AI' mode

This is a mode in which players go against the AI in a lobby full of bots. It has a separate slot on the matchmaking tab, just below the Classic, Arena, and Arcade modes. Currently, you can only play 'VS AI' on the 2x2 map Livik. Players can pick between two levels of AIs: Easy and Normal. There are also Hard AI, but it is unsure if they are going to be included this patch or not.

BGMI Vs Ai Mode In Game Menu
BGMI's new "VS AI" mode put a team of players against a map full of AIs.

The bots in this mode are great for practice as they have much better aim than the normal classic mode bots. If you want to have the best experience fighting the bots, pick normal AI as they have much better movements and decision-making. Easy mode is serviceable, but the bots have the same "zero intelligence" as normal classic bots.

VS AI's hard bots are likely to have crazy accuracy, almost aimbot tier.

2 - How to win VS AI mode in BGMI 1.6?

  • To get kills and damage to increase your rewards after the match, just land separately from your teammate. This allow you to gain kills without geting kill-stealed by your teammates. You can also try to take some damage first then heal for even more points.
  • Don't use vehicles, as bots are programmed to spawn near players' location. While driving, your location constantly changes, preventing bots from spawning.
Livik Pubg Mobile
Livik is the best map to grind VS AI as it is the smallest in the game.
  • Only land in major towns like Midtstein, East Port, Blomstein, etc, especially places that are closer to the plane path. This increases your chance to get the bots to spawn.
  • Keep your teammates close if you are playing in normal AI. This level of AI actually know how to move around the map and can definitely knocks a real player out if they are too cocky or careless.

3 - Why should you play VS AI Mode?

Overall, VS AI is squad only, which is useful for players who want to practice squad-based strategy. Other maps will be updated eventually - with 4 real players vs 96 bots. The VS AI mode in BGMI does not reward players anything except BP, and EXP points.

Playing VS AI is also fun if you just want to have a chill match of battle royale without having to worry about winning or losing.

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