BGMI and PUBG Mobile have many sub-machine guns for close combat. They have different damage and features. Check out these BGMI SMG rankings to pick the best submachine gun in this shooting game.

#1. Best SMG In BGMI: MP5K

MP5K is the best submachine gun in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. It's not only stable and accurate but also very powerful. MP5K has a high rate of fire and high base damage. Despite its high firing rate and bullet velocity, the barrel of MK5K does not shake much. It ensures high accuracy for this SMG.

However, MK5K is not available on all classic maps now. You can only find this gun in Livik and Vikendi now. However, MP5K is still the best submachine gun for the fastest kills in BGMI. Moreover, it supports all scopes, except for the 8x scope.

Mp5k Pubg Mobile
MP5K is a must-have weapon for assaulters.

#2. Most Reliable SMG: Micro UZI

Micro UZI is more popular than MP5K. It appears in almost all classic maps in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, except for Vikendi. Micro UZI has the highest rate of fire, which helps the damage per second of this gun high despite its limited base damage. UZI is the second-best submachine gun in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

You can knock down enemies in close combat quickly when you hit the weak part of the enemy. For example, if the opponent wears a level-3 helmet and vest, hit his arms and legs to cause damage. Besides, Micro UZI is also one of the most stable guns with very low damage. However, it only supports the holo sight and red dot.

Uzi Is Reliable
UZI is reliable in close combat.

#3. Largest Ammo Capacity: Tommy Gun

Tommy Gun has higher recoil than MP5K and Micro UZI. Although it's harder to control than Micro UZI and MP5K, Tommy Gun is still one of the best SMGs in BGMI and PUBG Mobile with a very large ammo capacity. It can hold up to 50 bullets per load which is enough for a team clutch if you can control the gun well.

Besides, Tommy Gun uses .45 ACP ammo which causes significant damage per hit. Therefore, its base damage is still high enough to finish an enemy in 3-4 hits to the weak part. Besides, Tommy Gun shares a common disadvantage with UZI in scope attachment. In specific, Tommy Gun also supports only a red dot or a holographic sight. Therefore, it's only accurate in close combat.

Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun is excellent for the close-range clutch.

#4. PP-19 BIZON

PP-19 Bizon uses 9mm ammo that has high bullet penetration. With high hit damage and large ammo capacity, Bizon can hold 53 rounds per load. It's only available on two classic maps in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, including Erangel and Vikendi. That's why it's less used than Tommy Gun and Micro UZI.

Pp 19 Bizon Complete Guide
Bizon also has a large ammo capacity.

#5. Vector

Vector also has a high rate of fire and low recoil, which makes it a reliable gun in close combat. However, this SMG has the smallest ammo capacity that is only 19 - 33 rounds per load. Therefore, it's hard for 1vs2 situations unless you have great shooting skills. It's better than UZI and Tommy Gun because it supports all the scopes from holo to 6x scope.

Vector Pubg Mobile
Vector has the smallest ammo capacity.

#6. UMP45

UMP45 is often underrated although it's pretty silent and stable. PUBG Mobile players often feel that UMP45 is not powerful and fast enough in combat with other SMGs. For example, in the combat between UMP and UZI, Micro UZI can knock down UMP faster due to the higher bullet velocity.

In conclusion, MP5K is generally regarded as the best submachine gun in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. UZI and Tommy Gun are also good enough for the early stages of the match.

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