It’s safe to say that PUBG Mobile holds quite an extended collection of firearms, ranging from pistols all the way to sniper rifles and launchers. For those who prefer short-range, fast-paced combats, the prominent choice of weapons must be the submachine guns (SMGs). Each gun in this class has an insane fire rate and is capable of dropping your enemies in a blink of an eye. Being the 5th SMG introduced to PUBG Mobile, yet it did not take long for the PP-19 Bizon to own a place in the community. 

PP-19 Bizon in PUBG Mobile

The PP-19 Bizon is a Russian submachine gun equipped with a large capacity helical magazine. It holds up to 53 rounds of 9mm ammunition in just one single magazine. This gun can be found on two maps: Erangel and Vikendi. The PP-19 Bizon performs best in close-range combat while in full-auto mode. It inflicts a little less damage than the UMP9 and Vector, but the large magazine and suppressed sound make up for this shortcoming. The Bizon is prefect for sneaking on your enemies without revealing your location.

pp 19 bizon
The Bizon is the 5th SMG introduced to PUBG Mobile

PP-19 Bizon Stats

  • Ammunition Type: 9mm
  • Magazine Size: 53
  • Hit Damage: 35
  • Fire  Rate: 0.056
  • Reload Time: 2.5s
  • Firing Modes: Single, Auto
pp bizon stat
The gun excels in bullet capacity

PP-19 Bizon Attachments 

Available modifications of the PP-19 Bizon include compensators, flash hiders, and muzzles. Due to its already large and unique helical magazine that runs below the barrel, this SMG does not support an extended mag or extended quickdraw mag as well as lower rail attachments. In other words, there is no space for any grip or magazine attachments. However, the weapon has a built-in firing stability mechanism, which lowers recoil even without a grip. The PP-19 Bizon in PUBG Mobile can inflict single-shot damage of 35.7 without a vest. The bullets travel at a speed of 384 m/s, with a slightly faster fire rate of 0.097 compared to the UMP’s 0.095. 

Pp 19 Bizon Pubg Mobile
You can't attach any grip or extended mag to the PP-19 Bizon

How to Use PP-19 Bizon

The stats above tell that this gun can be a great loot in the early game. After you land on the PUBG Mobile battlefields, especially on hotspots, pick up the PP-19 Bizon immediately. Clear the area or finish the skirmishes with the weapon before switching to an Assault Rifle for more flexibility. Using the Bizon to fight enemies further than 100m is not a good idea. Its bullet speed is way to slow for scenarios as such. It was buffed not long ago, increasing its damage.