Flora Menace is the latest update of PUBG Mobile and BGMI now. This new update has many new features and also new myths. Check out which ones are confirmed in the top ten new BGMI Flora Menace Myths here.

#1. Two Airdrop Smoke Myths

The myth says that when you throw the Molotov to the airdrop, you can remove the smoke released from BGMI airdrops. You can test it by summoning an airdrop by using the flare gun. Then, throw a Molotov right on the top of the airdrop. In fact, nothing happens and the Molotov cannot stop the airdrop's smoke. Therefore, the myth is busted.

Molotov Myth
The Molotov does not stop the airdrop smoke.

Another myth says the airdrop smoke will disappear when you loot all the supplies in the airdrop. It's busted because the smoke still releases for 2 minutes after you loot all the airdrop.

#2. HDR Graphics Myth

According to the myth, HDR graphic quality lets BGMI players spot enemies over 400 meters away with an 8x scope. In fact, the render distance in PUBG Mobile and BGMI is 320 meters. When the enemy is over 320 meters away, they will disappear on your screen, even when you use the HDR graphics quality. This myth is also busted.

The Max Render Distant
The maximum distance to spot enemies in BGMI is 320m.

#3. Livik's Lake Myth

There is a small lake on the map Livik which is said to help players avoid being hit by bullets. In specific, the myth says that you won't be hit by enemies' bullets when you lie in the bed of the lake. This is a shallow lake near the Power Plant. When you use the prone command to lie underwater in this lake, you won't get damaged when enemies shoot you.

Magical Lake In Pubg Mobile Livik
Magical lake in PUBG Mobile Livik.

Moreover, you can hold the weapon and fire back to kill enemies while lying in this lake. However, if the enemies use grenades or are prone to shoot you, you will still be killed.

#4. New Vehicle Myth After Update

According to the myth, you won't fall off when standing on a moving 4-wheel vehicle, such as Buggy, Dacia, UAZ, and Truck, no matter how fast it moves. Many players try to stand in the Buggy to move with their two teammates but they will fall off when the vehicle runs fast. But in the new update, players won't fall off when standing in any vehicle, including bikes.

So, this myth is confirmed. But don't crouch or you will die due to a car accident.

You Can Stand On The Moving Vehicle
You can stand on the moving vehicle in BGMI after the update.

#5. Glass Window Myth

The myth says that if you break the glass windows of squad houses in BGMI and restart the game, the glass will respawn like new. You can test the myth in a squad house on the map Erangel to see the magic. This myth in BGMI Flora Menace is confirmed.

New Glass Window
The glass window will re-appear after you restart the game.

#6. Air Conveyer Myth

The myth says that you can use the air conveyer on the map Erangel: Flora Menace to fly to the Cell-Matrix. The myth is confirmed because the air conveyer can make you fly very high to the sky. Then, you can parachute to reach the Cell-Matrix in the BGMI Flora Menace update.

The Air Conveyer
The air conveyer in BGMI can throw you high into the sky.

#7. Spawn Island Myth

There is a myth that the spawn island has unlimited ammo. You can take a boat to reach the spawn island at the early stage of the match because it often stays outside the playing zone. This island has enough ammo for some teams. You can find all ammo types at the entrance of the spawn island. So, this myth is confirmed.

#8. Two Cell-Matrix Myths

The myth says that you can be revived in BGMI Flora Menance by entering the Cell-Matrix and click on the Go Button. This myth is true but it only works when you stay near the Cell-Matrix or you still need to come back to the lobby.

The Cell Matrix Can Revive Knocked Players
The Cell Matrix can revive knocked players.

Another myth says that you can re-enter the Cell-matrix after you use it 3 times to revive. In fact, you can use this item to come back to the battleground as many times as possible.

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