One of the most difficult scopes to use in Battlegrounds Mobile India is the 4x scope. Noobs often lose the combat and die when using this scope in close-range gunfights and mid-range combat. But with the best BGMI 4x scope sensitivity, you can drill enemies like a GOD-tier player. Check out the best sensitivity setting and guide on how to master this scope here.

BGMI 4x Scope Sensitivity Settings

In PUBG Mobile and BGMI, 4x scope is designed for mid-range combat. However, many pro players can master this scope for close-range spray as well. It's due to their best scope sensitivity settings for ADS and Gyroscope.

Similar to PUBG Mobile 4x scope settings, here are the best sensitivity levels for 4x scope in BGMI.

  • ADS sensitivity for 4x scope: 25-30%.
  • Camera sensitivity for 4x scope: 10-20%.
  • Gyro sensitivity for 4x scope: 210-280%.

You choose a number in these ranges or adjust it base on your device quality. For example, if you play on low-end smartphones, don't enable the Gyro mode. Then, increase your ADS and camera sensitivity a bit to ensure the loading speed. It guarantees that you won't miss the opponent due to low loading speed.

4x Scope Sensitivity
4x scope is designed for mid-range combat in PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

Tips To Use 4x Scope In BGMI

It's pretty hard to control 4x scope in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. You need some tips to use this scope well so that it won't kill you back. Master this scope to drill enemies in all ranges in BGMI.

#1. Best range for BGMI 4x scope

4x scope is designed for mid-range combat. It's best used for DMRs, such as Mini-14, SLR, SKS, and Mk12. You should crouch or lie in a high place to reduce the recoil of the weapon. It makes the scene when you tap or spray with scope-on more stable. You can drag the aim down so that it won't choke up to the sky.

Loot 4x Scope
It's best used for DMRs, such as Mini-14, SLR, SKS, and Mk12.

#2. Better for single-tap firing mode

It's very dangerous to spray bullets in ADS with a 4x scope in BGMI. When you want to spray bullets in mid-range combat, you should choose a 3x scope. Alternatively, you can also reduce the magnification of the 6x scope to use it as a 3x scope. It's better to use a 4x scope with the single-tap firing mode.

Single Tap
Use the single-tap or burst firing mode for 4x scope.

#3. Suitable for spraying with SMGs

If you have to aim and spray with a 4x scope, you should use an SMG with low recoil.

Vector is a good choice for spraying bullets with low recoil despite its high rate of fire. UMP45 is also a good choice with high accuracy and silence. MP5K is the best SMG with a high firing rate, low recoil, and high damage. These three weapons in BGMI can shoot accurately with any scope.

#4. Worse than 6x scope

It's undeniable that 4x scope is worse than 6x scope in PUBG Mobile and also BGMI. If you have a 6x scope, you can reduce the magnification to 3x or 4x scope. Besides, 4x and 8x scopes are harder to use because they cover most of the phone screen when you open the scope. Therefore, it often causes serious screen shake, especially when you tap quickly or shoot automatically.

4x Scope Cover A Large Area
4x scope covers most of the phone screen when you open the scope.

Best Sensitivity For BGMI For Android

Android devices are more popular among BGMI players. Having the best sensitivity for BGMI on Android smartphones gives you a huge advantage to win every combat and become a pro player quickly. Here are the best sensitivity settings for BGMI on low-end Android smartphones apart from the best sensitivity for 4x scope.

#1. Camera Sensitivity

There is no need for BGMI no recoil sensitivity code when you have the best sensitivity setting. The camera sensitivity matters when you use the thumb to view and spot enemies around. You can learn from the recommended camera sensitivity of a Chinese pro player below.

Pubg Mobile Camera Sensitivity
PUBG Mobile camera sensitivity.

#2. ADS Sensitivity

The ADS sensitivity is very important in combat, especially close combat. If you cannot control the aiming point and the gun barrel, you will give the opponent the chance to kill you. Therefore, it's very essential to have the best ADS sensitivity.

Ads Sensitivity
Recommended ADS sensitivity.

#3. Gyro Sensitivity

Gyro players need to build muscle memory and ideal sensitivity for different scopes. It assists Gyro players in controlling the gun recoil, especially when you use some ARs with low accuracies, such as Beryl M762 and AKM.

Gyro Sensitivity
Gyro sensitivity of a Chinese pro player.

Those are the best tips and best BGMI 4x scope sensitivity for pro gameplay. When you master this scope, you can play well in all ranges and situations.

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