Chinese pro players often blow our minds with their great skills, including shooting with zero recoils. Here are the best zero recoil tips for BGMI gameplay like Chinese pro players.

#1. Ways To Hold Your Phone

There are two ways of holding your phone to guarantee zero recoils in BGMI. Basically, you need to hold your phone stably to avoid screen shake when you play in gyroscope mode.

  • Option 1

Keep your elbows on two sides of your tummy. Although the stability is not really ideal, this way makes your movements more flexible. In this way of holding your phone, you should set a low sensitivity to make the screen more stable.

How To Hold Your Phone
Put two elbows on two sides of your tummy.
  • Option 2

Put your elbows on supporting items, such as a table or pillow. If you sit at your desk or on the bed, put your elbows on the table or supporting items. Then, your twists are in charge of the whole gyro movement. However, the flexibility will be limited while the stability is better than the first option. In this case, high gyro sensitivity is more flexible.

Put Elbows On Suppporting Things
Put elbows on supporting things.

Base on the place you sit to play the game, choose the best option to hold your smartphone. It's one of the most vital zero recoils tips in BGMI.

#2. Scope On Or Full Gyro?

Beginners should use the scope on Gyro. It's easier to master Gyroscope with the scope on than using full Gyro. Besides, you will have a more stable pre-aim when you are behind the cover. If you use the full Gyro, the aim will move all the time you spray. But if you are an experienced player or pro player in BGMI, choose the Full Gyro option in the basic setting.

Scope On Gyro For Beginners
Scope-on Gyro for beginners.

#3. ADS Gyro Sensitivity

If you are a beginner in Gyro Scope, let's start with low Gyro sensitivity. It helps you avoid dizziness. Then, get familiar and try to master this skill. Experienced players have the best Gyro sensitivity on their hands. Besides, the Gyro sensitivity setting also depends on the quality of your gaming devices. If your phone often gets lag, don't leave it too low or too high.

Ads Gyro Sensitivity
ADS Gyro sensitivity.

#4. Control Recoil With ADS Gyro

To have zero recoil when shooting with ADS and Gyro, you need some tips and steps beside a pro Gyro setting.

  • Drag your right thumb down and tilt your phone down when you are spraying.
  • Turn both ADS and Gyro sensitivities down.
  • Practice it with all scopes to master it fast. Keep practicing until your aim does not move while you are spraying bullets.
  • Build the muscle memory to know how many degrees to tilt your phone and how long to drag the thumb.
Master Ads Gyro Control
Master ADS Gyro control.

The twist and finger movements also depend on the distance of the targets. You need to practice it in the training ground to master all ranges of combat and build muscle memory. Keep doing it for 2-3 days until you see the improvement.

#5. Shooting Pose

To fire with no recoil in BGMI, you should crouch or use prone. Only use prone when the enemy cannot fire back or crash you with a vehicle. Crouching lets you react quickly if the enemies react and fight back. The prone pose is more highly recommended in the long-range spray, especially win Gyro gameplay. It's one of the most important zero recoils tips in BGMI.

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