To eliminate house campers fast and safely in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, you need to encounter the campers first. Campers often appear in houses and buildings, especially high-rise apartments in Pochinki, or Novo, etc. If you make any mistakes or wrong moves, you will be turned into a death crate. Here are some new tips and tricks to kill campers safely in BGMI you may need to know.

Retreat To Lure Campers Out
Retreat to lure campers out and come back and kill them.

#1. Stay Alive For Second Chance

If you can't take down enemies and you get some damage during the push, just run away. You need to stay alive to fight again. Moreover, retreating may help you lure the camper out of the camping location, especially greedy players. Greedy enemies will chase you to kill after causing some damage to you. It's a great chance to eliminate house campers fast and safely in BGMI.

#2. Avoid Being Sandwiches

To stay safe when pushing campers in BGMI, you need to be aware of your surroundings. If an enemy spots you in the open area before you can rush campers, you may be knocked down outside the house. Follow these steps to push safely.

  • Scout the surrounding area to make sure that there is no other enemy around.
  • Stick to your cover when pushing campers.
Spot Enemies Around Before Rushing
Spot enemies around before rushing to avoid being sandwiched.

Avoid being sandwiched in house rushing or you can be the next player to leave the battleground. Try to find a safe way or use the smoke to cover your back.

#3. Prioritize Accuracy

Choose stable weapons which have less bullet spread to shoot accurately. Most BGMI players often focus on damage when picking weapons for pushing camper. However, it's not a wise choice. The more powerful guns often have wider bullet spread and higher recoil. Therefore, these high-damage weapons are less accurate.

Akm Is Hard To Control And Less Accurate
AKM is hard to control and less accurate.

SMGs are the best choice for killing campers in BGMI. UMP45 is very stable and silent. Micro UZI has the highest rate of fire. Vector is also a reliable gun for close combat with high damage and firing rate. The real damage per second of these weapons is higher than many ARs, such as AKM or Beryl M762.

Choose Stable Weapons
Choose stable weapons with less bullet spread.

#4. Don't Ignore Throwables

If you have grenades in your backpack, you a couple of frag grenades and smoke grenades when you are about to rush. The explosions can flush campers out of their location and the random smoke can make them confused about your next moves. They will get panic when they don't know your position or spot you.

When campers are vulnerable, you can kill them safely. Always loots three frag grenades and three smoke grenades and learn how to throw grenades like a pro player in BGMI.

Loot At Least 3 Grenades
Loot at least 3 grenades to use when pushing campers.

#5. How To Use Consumables

It's important to healing the full HP bar before pushing. First-aid kits can heal 75% HP only and it does not give extra HP over time like bandages.

Med-kits are rare and not very convenient. It takes a longer time to heal 100% HP bar. Pro players often use first-aid kits and painkillers and energy drinks to heal HP quickly. Moreover, energy drinks and painkillers are easier to loot than medkits. These consumables also give extra HP over time.

#6. How To Surprise Campers

In squad mode, you can surprise house campers by climbing through the windows or flying a car over the rooftop and land on the house roof. You can also ask your teammates to make gun sounds and make fake combat. It may help you lure out enemies when they peek out to scout. Or else, the gun sound will hide your footstep sound. Then, you can approach to eliminate house campers fast and safely.

This BGMI tip works well when you have a full squad.

Lure Out Enemy By Fake Combat
Lure out campers by fake combat.

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