Aggressive players always want to clutch all 1v4 fights in BMGI and PUBG Mobile. Here are some tips and strategies to clutch all 1v4 situations and make highlights.

#1. Winning Every 1v1 Fight

If you want to clutch a squad, you need to make sure that you can eliminate every member of the enemy team. If you make mistakes and lose a 1v1 fight, you will be sent back to the lobby. Therefore, winning every 1v1 situation is the first step to clutch every 1v4 combat in PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

Don't face 4 players at once because it's very risky and hard to fire back all 4 players simultaneously. Instead, you should separate them into individuals or duos to clear one by one. Make sure that you don't let their teammates revive them.

Win Every 1v1 Combat
Win every 1v1 combat.

#2. Aiming

To clutch the squad, you should aim at the weak areas of your enemies. Making headshots is the best way to knock down the enemy quickly and confirm the kill immediately. Make sure that you can clear two or three targets in one load of bullets. If you have to reload bullets several times in a 1v4 situation, you may lose the game.

Aim to the head to take the target down and clear him with fewer bullets. However, if the enemy wears a level-3 helmet and a level-2 military vest, aim at his chest to take him down faster.

Aim At The Weak Parts
Aim at the weak parts of the enemy.

#3. Cover & Position

When you encounter a squad of enemies, you should have a good cover to hide after each knock. You can use a wall, a big rock, a big tree, or a broken vehicle as a cover. Besides, you need to change the cover and position after knocking or confirming an enemy because he will inform his teammate of your position.

Don't forget to prepare some smoke grenades in your backpack to blind enemies, cover the moving route, and confuse enemies. But you should stay at the edge of the smoke or enemies may spam bullets into the smoke to kill you.

Change Position After Each Knock
Change the position after each knock.

#4. Taking Close-Range Combat

You should take close combat to clutch all 1v4 fights in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. It's the best range of combat for you. It's hard to take down the whole enemy squad in mid-range and long-range combat.

If you are a fragger, try to do close combat and throw grenades to knock and confirm kills right away. In mid-range and long-range combat, knocked enemies may crawl to the cover and do not let you confirm kills. It's a chance for their teammates to revise them.

Approach Enemies To Take Close Combat
Approach enemies to take close combat.

#5. Using Grenades

Frag grenades and Molotovs are two useful weapons to finish knocked enemies safely. Throw a grenade to a house corner or the upstairs and you may get a surprise. Many players often camp insides houses and buildings to wait for rushers.

If you rush without knowing their position, you may be killed. Use some grenades to check house corners and upstairs. Sometimes, you cannot knock them down right away but you can make them weak before you rush. If you are lucky, you can clutch all 1v4 fights with grenades.

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