PUBG Mobile players always want to make highlights, such as squad clutch. It would be very cool and exciting when you can clear an enemy team and impress your teammates. Here are some guidelines and tips to do clutch every time in this game that you may need.

Top Pro Tips To Clutch In PUBG Mobile

It's pretty hard for players to win in 1vs2, 1vs3, or 1vs4 fights because of the outnumber disadvantage. But with some pro tips and more practice, you can make some highlights and clutch every time.

  • Win every 1v1 fight: If you want to clear a squad, you need to make sure that you can win all 1v1 fights. If you still make mistakes and lose 1v1 matches, it's hard to win 1v2 or 1vs3 fights.
Master All 1v1 Fights
Master All 1v1 Fights
  • Aiming: To clutch a squad, you need to know where to shoot to cause the greatest damage to enemies. You should aim at enemies' heads to cause the greatest damage. If the enemy wears a level-3 helmet and a level-2 vest, you should spray bullets into his chest. It's possible to clear 2 to 3 enemies in a load of ammo when you headshot all of them.
Aim To Headshot All The Enemy Squad
Aim To Headshot All The Enemy Squad
  • Always take a cover: When you encounter a squad of enemies, you need to take a good cover, such as a big rock, tree, and wall. The cover will protect you from getting shot while letting you take down one by one enemy. Besides you also need some smoke to cover your back and prevent other enemies from shooting you. Or else, vehicles sometimes can be used as a cover. However, don't put yourself to a nonplus.
Take A Good Cover Before Engaging
Take A Good Cover Before Engaging
  • A combo of ARs: It's the best combo for squad clutch in PUBG Mobile. A combo of two ARs makes sure that you can clear a team of 4 enemies without wasting time reloading ammo. Or else, you can combine an AR with an LMG (DP-28 and M249) or an SMG (UZI, Thompson, Vector). However, SMGs are stable but less powerful than ARs. When the primary weapon runs out of ammo, switch to the secondary gun quickly.
Use A Combo Of Ars
Use A Combo Of ARs To Clutch A Squad Quickly And Safely.
  • Close-range fight: This is the best distance to clear a squad quickly. If you are a sniper, it may not work for you. But if you play as a fragger, try to do close-range fights to do a clutch. You can miss some enemies and let them find a cover to revenger in medium or long-range fights. Close-range fights will ensure that you can knock and confirm all kills right away. Moreover, ARs, LMGs, and SMGs are the most powerful and stable in close-range combat.
Deal With Enemy In Close Range Fights
Try To Deal With Enemy In Close-Range Fights To Shoot With The Best Accuracy And Power Of Weapons.
  • You should also try different roles and different skills of these roles to be more flexible and agile in all situations. Besides, keep a vehicle along with you so that you can rush the enemy after knocking them down in long-range fights. Don't let his teammate revive him and don't let him heal.
Have A Vehicle To Rush
Have A Vehicle To Rush The Knocked Enemies Before They Are Revived
  • Change your position after knocking an enemy. The key to clutch a team in PUBG Mobile is by surprising enemies and separating them to kill one by one. Therefore, you need to change your position after knocking on one enemy. Don't try to confirm that kill right away. Just leave the old position and approach the next target quickly in an unexpected way. After you knock the last member of the enemy team, they'll all be cleared.
Try To Surprise Enemies
Always Change Your Position And Try To Surprise Enemies
  • Throw a grenade at a house corner or upstairs. A lot of players often camp inside houses, buildings, or upstairs. When approaching a team of campers, guess the position of the enemy team by hearing the footsteps and sending them to the lobby with a frag grenade. If the enemies revive their teammate in the smoke, throw some frag grenades to eliminate the whole squad.