One of the best combinations for bullet spray in PUBG Mobile includes M416 and 6x scope. Besides, you also need a detailed guide and some tips to spray M416 with a 6x scope without recoil. Here're some tips that you may need.

Spray M416 And 6x Scope With No Recoil

There are some tips and tactics that you need to know to pray M416 and 6x scope without recoil.

Spray M416 With 6x Scope
Learn To Spray M416 With 6x Scope
  • Find The Best Sensitivity Setting

Since you will use 6x scope with M416, you need a good sensitivity level for 6x scope. You can find out the best sensitivity level and adjust when practicing in the training room. Most PUBG Mobile players prefer using 6x scope and adjust it to 3x scope to spray bullets. Then, you should focus on the camera sensitivity and 3x scope sensitivity.

Adjust 6x To 3x Scope
Most PUBG Mobile players prefer using 6x scope and adjust it to 3x scope to spray bullets.

The recommended sensitivity setting for gyro players is around 200 to 300%. If you are a non-gyro player, leave the ADS sensitivity for 3x scope at about 25 to 35%. Then, it helps you shoot with very low recoil.

Recommended Sensitivity For Non-Gyro Players
  • Practice In The Training Ground

You should practice spraying bullets in 100m range. If you are a gyro player, you should move your phone backward and downward to reduce vertical recoil. If you are non-gyro players, use the thumb to drag the scope downwards to control the recoil. Then, move to the farther targets and practice.

Practice In The Traing Ground
Practice In The Training Ground

When spraying the target at 200m range, you should reduce the 3x sensitivity to around 10 to 20% and crouch to reduce recoil. Besides, practice shooting without attachments to increase your ability. Then, you can play better when using attachments.

Practice With 100m Range Targets First
Practice With 100m-Range Targets First
  • Tips To Fire

When you spray the target at over 200m range, switch to burst-fire mode. Then, shoot 5 to 10 first bullets and pause a bit. After that, fire the next 5 to 10 bullets because the M416 is less recoil in the first 5 bullets. To aim and shoot the target in the moving vehicle, put the crosshair in a bit front of the vehicle and spray.