Controlling the recoil of your weapon in PUBG Mobile is a crucial part so you can win the game. As it is a mobile game, you do not have a mouse to move around easily and control your spray with touch control. However, it is not entirely impossible. All you need are some tweaks in the settings of PUBG Mobile and a few tricks to pull this off without using no recoil hack PUBG Mobile Android.

Here are the best zero recoil PUBG Mobile settings along with tips and tricks so you can master the art of controlling recoil in PUBG Mobile.

Zero Recoil PUBG Mobile Settings - Sensitivity Settings

The Sensitivity Settings is a very important part of every shooter games and PUBG Mobile is not an exception. The game will be much more fluent and enjoyable once you can find the perfect setting for yourself in PUBG Mobile. Here, we will give you a thorough guide on how to get zero recoil PUBG Mobile settings.

In order to access the  Sensitivity Settings in PUBG Mobile, push the gear icon on the bottom right of your screen in the main lobby of PUBG Mobile and then choose the Sensitivity tab.

Camera Sensitivity

This setting is for when you are using the Free Look mode (the eye button) in PUBG Mobile so you can look around without changing your moving direction. You would want to set it to a high level so you can have a quick look around you easily.

 Pubg Mobile Settings
PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings for Camera Free Look


These settings will affect how fast can you move the direction of your character. These are the most important settings in PUBG Mobile. With the right settings, you will be able to aim at your opponent quickly and juke around enemies in close-range combats.

Zero Recoil Pubg Mobile Settings
PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings for Camera
  • 3rd Person No Scope: In general, you would want to keep the sensitivity at a high level since the space on your phone is limited. You might it harder to aim accurately in a far distance but that is what you will have to get used to for the sake of your mobility.
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: This setting determined how fast you can move your aim while using Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist. It shouldn't be as fast as the 3rd Person No Scope Sensitivity but it also shouldn't be too low so you can track moving targets.
  • 2X Scope, 3X Scope, 4X Scope, 6X Scope, 8X Scope: The general rule of thumb is that the bigger the scope, the lower the sensitivity because long-range fights are all about accuracy.

ADS Sensitivity

These settings are the sensitivity of your movement while firing. They are the settings that allow you to control your recoil easier. So the higher the sensitivity the easier you can control the recoil since, once again, the space on your phone is limited. Normally 150% to 200% for Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist is a good range for most guns but some pro players even boost it up to 300%. But still, you have to lower your sensitivity for bigger scopes such as 3X, 4X,... etc.

Zero Recoil Pubg Mobile Settings
Zero Recoil PUBG Mobile Settings for ADS Sensitivity

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Apart from using your fingers to control recoil, you also use the Gyroscope and tilt your phone to control recoil instead. The Gyroscope will free up your fingers for other things and allow you to aim more accurately once you get used to it. This the recommended option to control PUBG no recoil if you want to get better at the game quickly. The sensitivity settings of Gyroscope should be the same as the sensitivity settings of ADS Sensitivity.

Zero Recoil Pubg Mobile Settings
Zero Recoil PUBG Mobile Settings for Gyroscope

Tips And Tricks For Recoil Controlling in PUBG Mobile

Now you have leaned the best zero recoil PUBG Mobile settings, but it will not magically let you spray AKM with your 6X scope instantly. You still have to practice a lot to reach the level of pro players that you watch on stream. Here are a few tips and trick for you to control no recoil config PUBG Mobile better:

Zero Recoil Pubg Mobile
The recoil of your weapons will be easier to control when you are couch or prone
  • Change to crouch or prone before spraying will significantly reduce the recoil of your weapon, especially the DP-27 and the M249.
  • Get attachments for your weapons such as a Compensator or a Vertical/ Horizontal Grip will also help to reduce the recoil of your weapon.
  • Change to FPP will reduce the recoil of your weapon by a little bit when you are not scoped in.

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