BGMI fraggers need pro drill skills to take enemies down quickly. Check out the best Chinese pro player's drill tips for fraggers in BGMI and PUBG Mobile here.

#1. Weapon Selection

Chinese pro players often choose the combo of Micro UZI and Beryl M762. UZI has a super high rate of fire that lets you burst enemies down quickly. Besides, the M762 with laser grip deals higher damage. The laser grip lets you track down enemies accurately.

You can win every 1v1 close combat when the opponent uses other ARs and you shoot accurately. Moreover, both these two weapons have small bullet spread that increases your accuracy for faster kills. Choosing the right weapon is one of the best drill tips for fraggers in BGMI.

Micro Uzi
UZI has a super high rate of fire.

#2. Landing Headshot

Landing headshot is an important skill for fraggers in BGMI. In close-range combat, the players who can land a faster headshot will win the fight.

When you land an accurate headshot, you will take more damage to the enemy and take less damage. Then, you will have a greater chance to go against multiple enemies at once. It improves your skill to clutch 1v4 situations in BGMI.

To improve your headshot skills, you have to practice 10 minutes per day.

Headshot Tips
Landing headshot is an important skill for fraggers in BGMI.

#3. Aiming Tips

Apart from headshot skills, aiming skill is also important for fraggers. To have the best aiming, you need to have a good sensitivity setting. In face-to-face combat, pro fraggers often use hip-fire and pro movement combo, including large jiggle, crouch jiggle, and drop shot.

Practice with the moving targets in the training ground and count the accurate bullets, especially headshots. Make sure that your accuracy is about 70-80% to win close combat in real matches. It's vital to master these drill tips for fraggers in BGMI.

Aim At The Weak Parts
Aim at the head or weak parts.

#4. Crouch Jiggle

Crouch jiggle is a professional movement skill for pro fraggers in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. Your purposes when using crouch jiggles are dodging headshots and reducing bullet spread. However, your aim point will be lower than normal. Besides, it reduces your movement speed.

To headshot in crouch jiggle movement, you need to readjust your aim point. If you are a Gyro player, tilt your phone up. You can build up muscle memory by practicing with the target on the training ground. You should crouch one or two times and stand up instantly.

Fast Crouch Jiggle
Crouch jiggle is a professional movement skill.

#5. Third Control Loadout

Most PUBG Mobile and BGMI are using the first control loadout but pro players often use the third control loadout. In the 1st control loadout, your movement controls focus on the whole left part of the phone screen. It's easier to use and has a lower mystic ratio.

In the third control loadout, you use only the joystick for movements. It's more precise and has faster jiggling movements. Therefore, sometimes you see Chinese pro players move very fast in front of you. But you need to spend time getting comfortable with this new layout.

The Size And Position Of The Sprint
Chinese pro players often use the third control loadout.

#6. FPP Switch Tips

It's important to use the right perspective when rushing enemies. When rushing enemies in FPP, peek out from the right side to expose less. When you peek out from the left side, you expose all your head and left shoulder. It's a great chance for enemies to kill you. In addition, one of the best drill tips for fraggers is switching to FPP when standing in the corner.

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