Airdrops in PUBG have so many decent weapons, armors, and supplies. The strongest weapons of each genre are spawned in the airdrops. Here are things you need to know about the airdrops in PUBG Mobile and must-know tips to loot the airdrops. Check it out with

About The Airdrop In PUBG Mobile

Airdrops in PUBG Mobile are supply crates dropped randomly on the ground from the planes. It has many high-level weapons and supplies. These items are so exclusive and rare that you cannot find some of them anywhere else. The airdrop is also rare itself, so many players want to get it. Keep in mind that the airdrops are only available on for maps in the classic game mode.

Airdrops In Pubg Mobile
Airdrops in PUBG have so many decent weapons, armors, and supplies.

There are many powerful and exclusive weapons you can loot from the airdrops, such as AWM, M249, Groza, AUG, Mk14, and DBS. These PUBG Mobile guns are spawned nowhere on the map but in the airdrops only. The areas around the airdrops are often hot warzones where a lot of players encounter and fight for decent supplies.

You Can Get A Ghillie Suit From The Airdrops In Pu
Sometimes, you can get a ghillie suit from the airdrop. But these camouflage outfits are spawned randomly.

There are so many decent loots in the airdrops in PUBG Mobile. You will always get a set of the level-3 helmet, military vet, and backpack. Sometimes, you can get a ghillie suit from the airdrop. But these camouflage outfits are spawned randomly and only the lucky players can get it. Besides, there are some decent attachments for the weapons in the airdrops.

Airdrops In Pubg Mobile Spawn Randomly
In PUBG Mobile, these supply crates are dropped randomly at unpredictable spots on the map.

For example, there will be a suppressor if the airdrop has a Groza. Besides, you can get an 8x scope if the airdrop brings you an AWM. Sometimes, the airdrops also contain a Medical Kit or Adrenaline Syringe.

How Many Airdrops In PUBG Mobile?

There are 5 random airdrops in a PUBG Mobile match. The first plane will appear in between 1.45 and 3.45 minutes after the match has started. All the crates are dropped inside the playing zone. When hearing the sound of the plane, you should look up to see where the crate is dropped. Then, make the decision to rush to that spot or not. It takes all airdrops in PUBG Mobile 55 seconds to land on the ground.

5 Randoms Airdrops
There are 5 random airdrops in a single match

The second airdrop will appear 7 minutes later after the first crate. In 20 to 30 seconds after the second circle shrinks in, you will hear the sound of the plane. Then, it goes on until the end of the match. There are 5 random airdrops in a single match.

Super Airdrops In Pubg Mobile
The number of custom airdrops in different matches is not the same

Moreover, players can also loot flare guns and call the custom airdrops to get exclusive supplies. The airdrops releasing red smoke is random airdrops while the custom airdrops called by using flare guns release yellow smoke. The number of custom airdrops in different matches are not the same.

Airdrops Called By Flare Guns
You can use flare guns to call custom airdrops and get exclusive supplies

There might be more or less, based on the number of flare guns players can find and shoot. If you hear the sound of the flare gun near you, there can be a player or some players around. Or else, when you shoot the flare gun to call custom airdrop, you also reveal your position.

Tips To Loot Airdrops In PUBG Mobile

Looting airdrops in this game is often risky and life-threatening. A lot of players lost their life while looting the airdrops due to campers. So, you need tips and tricks to loot PUBG Mobile airdrops safely and use the airdrop wisely.

Have Good Timing

Timing is a key tip in looting airdrops in PUBG Mobile. You should look and see where the supply crates drop on the ground and predict the distance and time you need to reach it. If the spot of the airdrops is not far from you, rush to it right away to loot the airdrop before enemies. Besides, you must be careful with the campers, too.

Vehicle Or Not

In addition, you need to decide whether to use the vehicle or not. If the crates drop right in your area, don’t use the vehicle or you may reveal your position. Just loot the crates in silence and evade from that spot. If you are not around the airdrop by the time it lands on the ground, you need a vehicle to reach it before other players.

Use Vehicle To Rush Pubg Mobile
Use A Vehicle To Rush The Airdrop

You had better use a speedy, durable, and strong vehicle to reach the airdrops. Sometimes, you may need the vehicle to cover you when you loot the crates. Or else, you can use the vehicles to rush away after looting the crates.

Go To Get The Airdrops With Your Teammates

Always go to get the airdrops with your teammates. They will support and give you cover when you loot the supply crate. It’s riskier when you go alone. There might be some campers around the airdrop. So, you can be killed without getting supports from your teammates. You may encounter a squad or even some squads around the airdrops.

airdrop pubg png
Loot the airdrop with teammates

Use Smoke Grenades To Make Cover

To loot the crate safely, you should use the smoke to make enough covers for you. Therefore, you had better grab some smoke grenades. But you also need to loot the airdrop quickly and rush away from it. Besides, the enemy may throw some frag grenades to the smoke area to kill you while you are looting supplies. So, you should be careful and stay alert.

Use Smoke To Cover You When You Loot The Airdrop
Use Smoke To Cover You When You Loot The Airdrop

These are things you need to know about airdrops in PUBG Mobile as well as tips to loot airdrops safely. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let’s visit our website.