PUBG Mobile and BGMI players often complain about disadvantages when playing in random teams. One of the best tips for pushing rank is playing with your permanent team. However, you still have to play with random teammates sometimes. Check out the best tips and tactics to push rank in random BGMI teams.

#1. Use The Time On Spawn Island

You should make use of a few minutes on the spawn island before the match begin to make something clear, such as drop location and strategies. It's not enough for you to understand those random teammates but you need to make a clear strategy before the match begins. It's an important rule to push rank in random BGMI teams.

If these random teammates refuse to communicate or co-operate with you, leave to the lobby to start a new game. Don't play with random players who mute the mic or those who want to go solo. You need great teamwork when playing in the squad mode and duo mode. During the match, you should keep communicating, informing teammates where the enemies are and what you need.

Spawn Island Bgmi
Make the strategy clear on the spawn island.

#2. Provide Them With Loots

You need to provide your teammates with high-standard supplies when you don't need them. Make sure that your team is well-geared to be more powerful than enemy teams. Sometimes, you will see more supplies than your teammates. Just share good supplies with your teammates to make the whole team strong.

Moreover, providing teammates with loots also helps your team get closer. It's a method to make friends with strangers and expand your circle in this game. If your random teammates play well and co-operate well with you, you two can add friends and play more games together. If your teammates do not ask you, just ask them if they need anything.

Mark Supplies
Mark supplies for your teammates.

#3. Reach Out To Help

If your teammates fall into the ambush and you can help, you shouldn't run away immediately to avoid combat. You should help them by providing them with cover when they face house campers. If you don't treat your teammates well, they won't treat you well. Don't leave your teammates if you can help them survive because it's hard to win alone in the squad mode.

Give Teammates Cover And Helps
Give teammates cover and helps.

#4. Listen & Talk

Don't turn off your mic and your teammates' mics. You need to keep communicating with your teammates to know if your teammates need helps or they have some loots to share. Besides, you should turn on the mic to tell your teammates if you need something, such as a weapon, ammo, backpack, etc. Besides, you should turn on the mic to discuss the strategies.

Ask For Help If You Need
Ask for help if you need it.

#5. Do Not Change Your Playstyle

When you change your playstyle, you may also change your career result. Moreover, your random BGMI team can lose the game when they cannot catch up with your new playstyle.

If you are a tanker, don't switch to play as a sniper or supporter suddenly without informing your teammates. If you want to change from aggressive to defensive gameplay, let your random teammates know. It's one of the most important tips to push rank in BGMI with either random teams or permanent teams.

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